Jumping games

Jumping games

The useful life can do everything. If you think that the ability to jump high or far away – unnecessary activity, see how deftly jump into the action movies heroes of the distance between the roofs of the houses to fall into a saddle horse, jumping out of windows. Heroes of the films is often saves lives, and yet the best scenarist – our lives and do not know what a surprise it will offer. Therefore, open the online games and start playing jumping, mastering the different variants. This can be a parachute jump, vaulting, jumping. Jump into the length and height, helping the heroes to put the record.

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Jumping games

Looking for some children, it seems that they have hidden inside a spring that does not allow them to stop even for a minute. All of their games are mobile and connected with running, jumping and somersaults. Even being in the virtual world, they choose game-related products with the speed, fights, moving fast. Therefore, our online flash games jumping we dedicate active girls and boys who are called fidgets.

jump, doing sports

Among our offerings you will find entertainment areas of the plan and jumping sports games online. If you dwell on the sport, you get a list of competitions in jumping:


  • With the board or swim in the water  
  • On the trampoline
  • On skis or snowboard jumping
  • With the parachute
  • On horseback through the obstacles
  • In a sixth height c
  • The length of the runway location or c

Jumping games

Sometimes jump – this is the main task of an athlete, but they are accompanied by acrobatic somersaults and other supplements rooms. Especially brightly it is demonstrated in the circus where artists build a pyramid out of their bodies, jumping on the trampoline at the top of a living structure or demonstrate mastery Vaulting – jumping from one horse to another during its run.

and you do in gym class doing what Lending regulations jumping over a horse, parallel bars, length or height, rope. And if you do this you are still not enough, then start jumping online Flash game in which you can do this indefinitely.

The most eagerly-saltatorial gaming scenes

Sport sets a serious way, where everyone wants to be an Olympian. But we gather to frolic and have fun, so each new game you will find delight and pleasure.

Ride on a rainbow with a small pony, help Tarzan to jump on the vines, and do not fall into the jaws of the crocodiles in the muddy river sailing. Heroes often find themselves in dangerous situations when only the ability to fast and jump high to save them from certain death.

Jump on the platforms to climb to a higher level, and to take an important artifact that apply in the future. And if this is the game for two, control passes alternately to both the character and each carries its part of the mission associated with the jumps.

Jumping games you will visit in the sky, where will move on fluffy Tuchka in hell, where the flame burns heels, and not to burn, you have to jump over the precipice, to move to damask, far from withering heat.

Meet you and Sonic who collects at different levels of golden rings to help him regain strength. It also needs to overcome the space with spikes, and long-range jump will help save lives.

Super Mario, once in the Mushroom Kingdom, naprygivaet warriors turtle Koopa, to destroy them. In the same way he deals with fly agaric, which grow in this mysterious and gloomy place, paving his way to his beloved princess.

you like games with dolphins jumping out of the water to fly through the hoop, hit the ball and make a somersault in the air. But piranhas leave their environment to catch prey, and her sink to the bottom. To trick her success, help her to jump higher.

The bulk of the accounts for saltatorial games platformer where the characters are moving forward by moving on the moving platforms. But no matter which way you liked to jump, it's always a lot of joy and pleasure at this Jumping, ready to conquer the height and the distance in the manner of Tiger tales of Winnie the Pooh.

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