Littlest Pet Shop games

Littlest Pet Shop games

You will love the fun and free online games of a small pet shop. You will learn about the girl Blyce and that she learned to understand the language of animals. Now she works in a store where customers come for pets. Knowing what the little inhabitants of the shop think about, the girl helps the animals to find their owners. This touching story was filmed in the animated series, but young players can communicate with the characters in the virtual world. Their attention presents funny searches, wonderful walkers. Girls can pick up beautiful outfits for the heroine and her friends and complete a puzzle.
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Littlest Pet Shop games for girls

Every pet owner wondered what would have happened if people could understand the language of animals. Just imagine how much easier it would be if your cat or dog could explain what he wants or where he has a pain. But on the other hand, it would deprive them of much of the charm. Now the meowing of a cat causes a smile and the opportunity to invent the meaning of its demand. And if we understood it literally, who knows what happened to hear from a small, sweet mouth. Littlest Pet Shop games online

Continuing to fantasize on this topic, films about talking animals appear from time to time on TV screens. Another animated series inspired the developers, and they offer you a small pet shop for free.

A bit of prehistory

Littlest Pet Shop games online Moving to another city, or at least in the area falls to the lot of many. So our heroine by the name of Blis was forced together with her parents to change their place of residence. Teenagers are experiencing hard situations like this, because this is the loss of friends and the usual flow of life. In the new place you have to start all over again, and this is so difficult, given the precarious nature of immature age.

Relocation is always stressful, and everyone experiences it in their own way. In rare cases, it can provoke depression or, on the contrary, awaken talent. Blyce was lucky in her case, she began to understand what the animals are talking about. At first she was surprised, then a little scared, but then she was delighted, because she became unique. Now she has a vast field for research, because before people only guessed about the desires and preferences of four-legged friends. The girl knows their whims for sure.

When the pet shop started working in the next house, Blyce without hesitation got a job there as a seller. Now she can communicate all day with rabbits, puppies, kittens, hamsters, parrots, turtles and even pandas and monkeys. In this shop lives a lot of living creatures, and the girl is happy to help buyers and pets find each other.

More about the Littlest Pet Shop games

Opening the games for girls is a small pet shop, do not hesitate to study each in turn. So you can explore all the directions that we have prepared for you:


  • Search
  • Games small pet store Adventure
  • Na Agility
  • Culinary
  • Dressing Equipment
  • Care for pets
  • Pasily Entertainment a lot, and for every taste.


So you will get to know the girl and her wards, in order to carry out fun tasks together. For example, with a turtle you can splash in plenty in water, making big splashes. So that they are scattered in different directions, you should jump directly from the springboard into the water. Littlest Pet Shop games online

And here the rabbit decided to eat a carrot, and jumps behind it, trying to catch it, ahead of the moles. A sweet treat is shown from its mink in the ground, but the moles can outrun you, and drag it back. Starting a small pet store to play games for free, try to be quick and agile.

In order to practice attentiveness, look for all the differences, peering at almost identical pictures. Another time you can join with your friends and play hide and seek with them. Although they are trying to safely hide behind objects, but sometimes you can see the eye or tail looking out because of them.

During other scenes, a small pet shop online games will have to catch frisbees, cook various delicacies in the kitchen, paint cute animals in black and white pictures. With their image it is fun to collect puzzles, save from falling nuts, make beautiful bouquets of flowers and perform many more other beautiful tasks.

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