Regal Academy games

Regal Academy games

Beautiful and good Royal Academy games are inviting girls to play for free. This is an amazing world of fairy tales, gathered in the magic school of representatives of your favorite stories. It is easy to meet the heirs of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Monsters, Snow White. The main character - Rose, is the granddaughter of Cinderella, loves clothes, shoes and learns to work with a magic wand. You are waiting for colorful memory cards, coloring and beautiful puzzles. You can also take a test and see which of the girls you look like yourself. Immerse yourself in a sea of ​​rewarding fun in a fun company of fabulous characters.
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Regal Academy games: Priceless experience

Regal Academy games online From the Italian company Rainbow S. R. l , famous for the animated series "Winx Club", recently released a new cinematic masterpiece called "Regal Academy" games.

It all started with the fact that an ordinary girl, whom she studies a lot in high school, went to the store to look for new shoes for herself. All the girls love to go shopping, but Rose just could not get past the windows, whatever they suggested. Previously, it was the usual pastime girls, but not on this day.

Having noticed a white mouse just inside the store, she was terribly frightened, but the mouse itself was just as scared. Running away, he dropped the key, but did not notice it, and rushed off. The girl picked him up and decided that he could come in handy. Then she noticed a young man who was not at all interested in shoes, but instead opened a secret door with a similar key. Being a curious person, Rose followed him, and ended up in a magical country, about which you will learn from the plots of the game of the Regal Academy. It turned out that fairy tales are not at all fiction, and here live representatives of all known stories, as well as their descendants.

A little bit about the heroes

  • Rose is an earthly girl who accidentally got into the Regal Academy, but later it turned out that she was the granddaughter of Cinderella herself, who now works as a headmistress at this very Academy. The girl remains as a new student, and enthusiastically comprehends the magic of Pumpkin, using a magic wand. She has to learn how to make vehicles from any subject, but she does not always succeed. Regal Academy games online
  • Howke arrogant prince practicing freezing magic. He is a descendant of Snow White, and she herself is an honored professor of magic at the academy. Hawk and Rose sympathize with each other, which creates intrigue.
  • Astoria grows tall towers out of flowers, and has gorgeous long hair, like her grandmother Rapunzel is a master of poetry at a magic school.
  • Trevis owns animal magic. Usually calm, but when angry, can cause a hurricane. He is the grandson of the Beast, who works here as a physical education coach.
  • Dzhay heir to the frog king. Loves different insects, and is able to turn people into toads. Dr. Laguh himself occupies the honorary position of Potions Professor at the Academy. In addition to the heroes, in each fairy tale there must be anti-heroes, and in our case they are mandatory. This is Vicky Brumstic, who dreams of becoming the main villain of a career, but her cunning encroachments all the time expose Rose. Vicki is assisted by her friend Ruby, who is in love with Hawk, and also by her lazy cousin Cyrus Broomstick.

Return to the world of Regal Academy games

Regal Academy games online Although the presented gaming products are not so rich in plot weaves, they are of different interest. They are created in the favorite genres of players:

  • Regal Academy Dress Up Games
  • Pazly
  • Finding Items
  • Memory Cards
  • Games Regal Academy of Adventures
  • Colorings Everything started
  • Tests

Represented girls games for the Regal Academy, this is an opportunity to try on many beautiful outfits, helping the heroines look beautiful every day. Players come into contact with magic, helping Rose find all the shoes she made from pumpkins, but they are lost in space. And if you want to know what kind of student of the magic school you are like, take the test and read the result. Every girl is beautiful, so feel free to answer the test questions.

Open the games of the Regal Academy for free, in order to make friends with all the girls, painting, collecting mosaics, looking for paired pictures or trying on another luxurious outfit.

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