The Chica Show Games

The Chica Show Games

The Chick Show games are designed on a fascinating children's program, where the main characters are Chick Chick and his parents. In addition to them, there are other characters in the stories that help to diversify the topics, make them live, cognitive. Starting to play for free in the offered game products, kids will become even more observant, because any game is built on the idea of ​​searching. You have to collect a collection of different wardrobe items, musical instruments or find differences in the pictures. If you love traveling, go on a journey with the chicky Chica.
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Chicky Chica in The Chica Show Games 

Walking over what else to please the children, developers triple brainstorming, and sometimes this leads to unpredictable, but very surprising results. So, one day, after remembering the show for the youngest, they decided to make the The Chica Show games. The game product turned out to be interesting and informative. As in the original, there is preserved the developing aspect, as well as the beloved heroes.

What is this chicken show?

Everything happens in the house built on the set. An indefatigable presenter helps the Mrs. Chicken family and Mr. Rooster to raise their chicken. This baby's name is Chica, and he still does not know how to speak, but only sonorous, but at the same time everyone understands him. Often they are visited by friends, both people and other animals. In each series, a story is played out, where participants wear costumes, presenting themselves in a particular role. The Chica Show Games online

The Chica Show Games online Once they turned into detectives of Scotland Yard and conducted an investigation on the spot of an imaginary crime. On another occasion, Chica began to portray Godzilla as herself, pulling a crust on her head, and tied a big cardboard tail behind her. The rest played along with her, which made it fun to have fun. Heroes also like to celebrate all sorts of holidays. Children write letters to the studio, indicating when they have a birthday, and the presenter reads the correspondence, congratulating them on the air of the birthday people.

Every child dreams of hearing his name in the program, and therefore tries to ensure that his letter was interesting, original. Some even paste their own photo, and in the congratulation they call not only the name of the originator of the celebration, but also show how it looks. On the theme of the name day, too, has its own series, where residents of a cozy house have prepared a surprise for their friend the postman. At first they sent him a large multi-colored hat, which they themselves made of cardboard. But on the parcel they wrote their address, and the postman brought a box to Chica's house.

Since he came too early, at first they did not want to let him in, constantly sending him on some imaginary, supposedly important cases. When everything was ready, the postman was allowed to enter, and all guests jumped out of their hiding places. When the first wave of joy passed him, it turned out that another gift was waiting for him in the box. So people in their small and cozy little house on a set make people and their feathered favorites. Well, you can open the The Chica Show games, too, to communicate with the characters, but in a different role. The Chica Show Games online

In the world of computer entertainment

Since in the show, no series does not do without a joyful song, during the games, The Chica Show also has musical motifs. Dad and Mom Chica offer to find in the picture as many as 20 subjects, on which you can play. Another time, it is necessary to collect from a varied wardrobe only objects prescribed by the chicken, for example, hats. In one of the plots it is necessary to take care of the little rabbit. Feed him with a carrot, comb, offer a drink, stroke and play with him when he wants it. Check your observation, finding on the pictures, which seem identical, differences. They are cleverly disguised, and only if you concentrate, you will be able to fulfill the task of The Chica Show games. All the presented game products can be defined in the following categories:


  • Search for differences or items
  • Overcoming of obstacles
  • Creation of costumes
  • Music

With Chica Show kids will go on a trip to countries, running a sleigh, and ahead there are obstacles that need to travel around. Come up with costumes, collect clouds and flowers, play musical instruments, and everything is free.

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