Rabbit games

Rabbit games

If you were in the company of rabbits, fun and enthusiasm are guaranteed. You will be free to play with these fun Fuzzies, making lots of interesting manipulations. Easter bunnies on a quest krashenok recover and be happy if you join this exciting fun. Other invited eared Rabbit online games, together with them, you have regaled sweet carrot, which has yet to collect on a farmer's field. A restless Nesquik shows tricks on a skateboard, and you clear the path in front of him, so he easily got to the sweet treats.

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Eared friends

Rabbit games Cute fluffy bunnies are involved in many computer toys. They are:

  • travel in a virtual forest, gathering there tasty carrots and other artifacts;
  • rescued from captivity of his comrades, fighting the hordes of baddies;  
  • kill monsters attacking peaceful creatures;
  • solved the puzzle;  
  • offer their images in colorings;  

Most often their games in colorful rabbit spends a place full of bright flowers and cute animals. In each round, a fun hero must collect a certain number of valuable bonuses and do not fall into the abyss and avoid a collision with traps and dangerous enemies. Bonuses sometimes there are hidden in remote places, and to collect all the jewels or savory vegetables, the rabbit have a lot of

  • jump on the platforms;  
  • to look into the underground tunnels;
  • look for all kinds of caches

These different games Rabbit

Rabbit games Rabbit games Games about the rabbits are often in intricate labyrinths, of which you have to bring eared hero. This rabbit can not be controlled by the usual methods, and respond only to the icons placed in the maze of arrows – He is constantly moving forward, and when faced with such a sign, then turns to the direction in which the arrow points. At your disposal will be a limited set of icons, and with their help it is necessary to bring the rabbit to the exit door. Sometimes the rabbit in the maze should run very quickly, otherwise it will catch up with some danger. For example, a cartoon rabbit Croche of « Smeshariki » running away from the Iron Nanny, and on the way collect carrots, ice cream, candy. He needs to be worn on the quirky corridors as long as Nanny does not sit battery.

There is a very popular game for PC and game consoles – Rabid Rabbits, this game is called. It steals a group of rabbits in various places all sorts of human stuff to build one tower to the moon. Among the browser-based mini-games can be found not only analogues of this fascinating Action, but exactly the same rabid rabbits performing other missions. They are, for example, were in the distant past and now throw explosives into cavemen. By setting the direction and force of the throw, you have to break all the targets in each level. Many of the games for two rabbits satisfied, because of any other dangers are not quite so complicated – rabbits support each other in a battle with the enemies and can collect more bonuses. Among these amusements very popular game Rabbits and Bubbles – there are two long-eared hero kill enemies with exploding bubbles. Enjoy games with rabbits on our game portal!

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