Zack and Quack games

Zack and Quack games

In one book, the story came to life. Initially, an animated series was filmed on it, and then Zak and Quack created an online games. It's nice that they are available for free, and therefore everyone can play them. The inseparable couple - the boy Zack and the duckling Quack, have other friends: Fofo's hedgehog, Sapon the frog, and Kira the girl. You don't get bored with them, because they know a lot of ways to have fun. If you want, you can play hide-and-seek with them or fly to the moon, collecting stars in passing. Also presented wonderful puzzles and speed races to overcome obstacles. Victory will go to those who collect more points and cups.
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Zack and Quack games in paper stories

In one wonderful, albeit small town, there lives a boy named Zak, and the duckling Quack accompanies him everywhere. The funny thing is that the town itself and all its inhabitants are made of paper, and are in a big book. As soon as it opens, another story begins. Every time this is something new, and therefore it is always interesting to follow the development of the plot of the animated series. He formed the basis of the Zack and Quack games, and young players can take part in all the adventures of the characters.

In addition to the leading characters, there are sometimes minor ones, which make stories only win. And in order to make friends with them, in the heading are presented:


  • Puzzles
  • Find Digits
  • Colorings
  • Hideouts
  • Adventure
  • Races

Forward to new victories!

Zack and Quack games online So the boys are arranged that they can not sit still. Coming up with another adventure, they involve other participants in it. In this case, the company Zack and Quack, and in every game you will see them together. One night, friends read a fascinating book, and only got to the most interesting, as it became dark. Looking into the sky, they realized that the moon had gone out, and now there is full darkness around. True, there are stars, but they are too small, and scattered throughout the sky. Zack and Quack games online

Zack and Quack games, the heroes of the game, had a great idea to fly into space, collect as many stars as possible, and dump them on the moon. Having set off on a dangerous journey, they must remember that danger lurks at every turn. To build a collection, try not to fall into a black hole, not collide with asteroids, satellites and avoid the impact of falling stars. Another time, a couple decided to take part in super races. Their car is very fast, which increases the chances of winning. But at high speed it is difficult to wriggle out of various obstacles, and therefore the situation requires utmost care. Only by collecting all the prizes and points can you continue the competition.

Zack and Quack games: Main theme and creativity

After completing the mission successfully, you can play a little bit. Especially friends like hide and seek. If you share this hobby with them, join the company. Try to find all the participants of the game Zack and Quack, but they cleverly know how to find secluded places, so do not expect an easy victory. Continuing the search idea, discover the fun, where you have to collect the numbers in the photos. Zach himself wrote them there, but so that they were barely distinguishable. Zack and Quack games online

It was time to remove the signs, but bad luck the boy forgot where he left them. But with the numbers of photos will be spoiled, and therefore it is necessary to correct the situation, using a magnifying glass. Examine every inch of the frame, and then there is a loss. Each figure found will bring 50 points, and having collected them all from the current level, you can move on. During Zack and Quack games, where you need to assemble a puzzle, you will meet another friend of the boy, Kira. In addition to observation, this puzzle also requires a good reaction, because each element that appears on the field must be placed in its place. But do not be afraid that the task you can not do.

Just not be distracted, and the mission will be successful. Continuing acquaintance with the characters, open the coloring, and choose which of them will be the first to return the fullness of color: Zaku, Kryaku, Kira or Fifo's hedgehog and frog Sapona. Using only the mouse, first select the area to be painted and then the color on the palette. Each game is good and interesting in its own way. Designed for younger children and preschoolers, plots contribute to the development of different qualities. They also teach friendship and the fact that there are no hopeless situations.

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