Nancy Drew games

Nancy Drew games

Play Nancy Drew games online is free, unraveling a string of complex, terrible, mysterious events. The main character once realized that it was better to unravel the criminal cases of policemen. She is not afraid of work, and so with a notebook and a magnifying glass she can often be seen at the conflagration, the place of murder or robbery. She will find a thief and a ghost-haunted district, a missing child and an ancient artifact, a tomb robber and blackmailer. Join Nancy to unravel the next crime.
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Nancy Drew games: a series of detective stories

Nancy Drew games online If you are a fan of unsolved secrets, secrets and mysticism, like to seek truth and do not suffer cruelty, then open Nancy Drew games. Under this name, more than thirty different stories are collected, and everywhere the girl Nancy plays the role of a detective.

She herself did not know that she was able to untangle complicated cases that even experienced policemen could not handle. But one day my aunt, working as a librarian in the local reading room, when the girl was visiting, told about a terrible crime. In the children's room a dead boy was found, and forensic scientists after a thorough study of the terrain could not collect enough evidence and find a clue. The only thing that remained was to suspect in the perfect atrocity the four classmates of the victim.

Nancy was so touched by the death of the young man that she too decided to talk with his entourage, to examine the crime scene once more, to put their thoughts into a notebook and analyze everything.

There began her career detective, and the glory of her dispersed quickly throughout Europe. Now, wherever she comes, she is asked to help unravel strange, dangerous, and sometimes mystical events, and you can play Nancy Drew in Russian.

We follow the trail

All game series, these are fascinating quests.

  • Learn the territory
  • Choose suspect items
  • Solve the puzzle
  • Blind with characters
  • Consult observations and conclusions in notebook

Nancy Drew games online Each time, launching the next series of Nancy Drew games for free, you will be in a new location. Any story is unique, although sometimes some moments take us back. Nancy Drew games online

Typically, the unraveling of the case takes as much time as required by the player, but there are tasks for the time, so you have to hurry. This may be due to the dangerous situation in which the heroine turned out, and if to delay, the lurking criminal will attack her. But usually you can safely look around, studying the situation in detail.

Go to the Nancy Drew games to play online, you will visit historical museums, on set and in the theater, in luxurious mansions and ancient castles, on attractions, on the shores of the ocean and small towns. A brave, smart and dexterous girl is entrusted with the most dangerous cases, but every time she copes with difficulties.

The heroine is investigating a series of mysterious disappearances of people, facing ghosts and monsters, unraveling accidents and cleverly composed crimes. She has to come into contact with insolent poisoning, betrayal and sabotage in the scientific community, arson and espionage organizations, mysterious artifacts, the plundering of ancient tombs and modern tombs. It seems that nothing is impossible for her, she works so professionally.

Starting games Nancy Drew to play for free, the player acts on behalf of the girl, relying only on their strength. The partners have to find out what secret purpose the criminal pursues.

Game series were created in the footsteps of a collection of short stories written by different authors under the same pseudonym Caroline Keen. As the developers continue to work on the series, you can expect the continuation, so keep your hand on the pulse of the stories.

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