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Stikeez games

Let's have some fun by opening Stikeez games in order to play them for free. You will meet with great characters who use a sucker instead of legs, and also language to move. These are funny creatures, different in body shape and color, but otherwise they are one people who adore fun. One-eyed, with large mouths and funny hairstyles, they organize competitions in jumping, passing relay races and labyrinths. They are fun to organize contests, solve logical tasks, travel, search for treasures, and sometimes they lie in danger of monsters.
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Stikeez games: always fun

Stikeez games online It happens that a child suddenly feels a surge of sadness and bad mood. But this evil beast will certainly run away if there are games of Prilipaly nearby. What are these creatures? Oooh, these are fantastic geeks of different colors and shapes that live in their own world, where there is no place for despondency, depression and tears. Instead of them, smiles reign here, and sometimes unbridled laughter, as well as mischief and adventure.

Funny and unusual characters

You will surely get acquainted with the inhabitants of this wonderful world, and want to consider them closer. Someone has one eye, but very large, someone is completely devoid of organs of vision, but this does not prevent them from smiling. Some are like exotic fish, others are very similar to seahorses and octopuses. But there are creatures that are not similar to anyone, and therefore the most interesting.

Another distinguishing feature of the heroes of the game is the Sticky sucker instead of legs. Because with its help they keep themselves in place, and there was such an original name.

When there is a desire to move, it is enough for them to throw a long tongue forward, and hook them to the object, and then tighten the rest of the body. Once in the new location, the suction cup again clings to the smooth surface. To move a long distance, such attacks need to be done a few, and therefore have a lot of training.

  • Use language to reach objects
  • Click to it and hold tight
  • Tighten your body forward
  • Look for new items to catch on.

Stikeez games online These creatures became heroes of the virtual game Prlipaly, but you definitely met them before in the form of toys. They are sold in the children's department or distributed at the box office stores. If you think about it, be sure to remember that you have already seen pink and green, blue and red, purple and yellow rubber creatures. Surely many people have them at home, just hiding somewhere or leaving, using their famous language technique and suckers.

Stikeez games online Now, having opened the games of Prilipaly, it's time to see what you can do here. For example, go to the company of green odnoglazika to search for treasure. How he learned about them is not important, but what is important is to get to them first. Everything would be fine if there was a fascinating, relaxing walk ahead. But there is no labyrinth through which you travel, it is made up of different blocks, and there are some that cannot be touched. Observing extreme caution, complete the task, and get to the portal, collecting as many crystals as possible.

Another group of monsters decided to arrange a competition, collecting bonuses in the designated perimeter. Here, too, there are dangers and conventions, so, stick to the rules of the game of Prilipaly for the sake of observing the purity of the results of the competitions.

Also to go through the baton, in which the points are marked with white flags, and you need to get to the opposite point for the minimum number of jumps. To do this, the jumps must be long, otherwise you will lose. This and similar fun games are fun to play with someone by making a competition.

One day the hero gets on a mysterious planet. Although the adventure is interesting, but not safe. The planet turned out to be aggressive, and even the laboratory where it ended up sticking does not bode well, judging by the oncoming studded wall. There is very little time left to leave the aggressive place, and it’s time to hurry. In addition to the moving wall there are other enemies who can cause damage.

Surprise sticking can be cloned using a special liquid. Want to try? Then just start playing.

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