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Mimimishki games

Your familiar characters are invited to free online games Mimimishki to play and invent together. White Cloud and Innocent met not so long ago, because Kesha is a brown bear, and Tuchka is a white from the North Pole. But now they are close and very friendly, inventing and collecting different designs. Thanks to the talent, they managed to fly to the moon, but this did not make them proud, but only attracted the attention of other animals. Now they have friends who need them. Here are just the Elusive Joe dissatisfied with the popularity of the brothers, and adjusts various machinations, to which they pay little attention.
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Mimimishki games online Stories in which there are animals, have a certain magical appeal. And it is not necessary that kittens or puppies should beat, even such big animals as bears can tingle no less. If you do not believe, you urgently need to play Mimimishka games, and doubts will disappear very quickly.

You will meet daddy brothers who met recently. One name is Innocent, but his mother affectionately calls him Keshey. He lives in a large forest, where there are many different animals, only there is no one among them who would be friends with Kesha. Imagine how bored he was, until White Tuchka appeared, his white relative from the far North. Surprisingly, he does not feel any discomfort due to the temperature change. However, it is necessary to be surprised, because in front of them both are not yet such an adventure. Mimimishki games online

It turned out, both clumsy big entertainers. As soon as they met, it became clear that they were together for a long time and did not find a closer friendship than theirs. From morning to evening, the brothers come up with something and make, invent and translate ideas into reality. Looking at the result of their tandem, even other animals became interested in them, and began to seek help with various problems.

It is especially interesting for a couple, when something needs to be fixed, but it also happens that they ask to sit with the kids or help them with collecting supplies for the winter. Bears do not refuse anyone, glad that they can be useful. And how everything happens, you will find out if you play free games for Mimimishki.

All at least on the moon!

Confirmation that Kesha and Tuchka are great inventors is true. But everyone has their own approach to business. The white bear generates ideas, he walks, thinks about something, and when it seems to him that a brilliant idea was born in his head, he comes to Kesha. He, in turn, listens to his brother, reflects on it a little, and then draws up a plan for its implementation. And while he is working on the design, the Cloud gives him the tools, highlights the flashlight, tells him exactly how it should be.

Mimimishki games online The result of their genius are various ingenious designs that help forest dwellers in their everyday life. But sometimes their technical thought strides so far that it takes them to the endless expanses of space, allowing them to fly as far as the most attractive night star of the moon. Agree, so spend a weekend is a pleasure, and this is only a small part of the plots of the Mimimishka game online.

During the passage in addition to the main characters, you will meet other characters:

  • Sly chanterelle
  • Nasty squirrel
  • Cute Chick
  • Different birds

Not all local inhabitants are kind to bears, a certain Elusive Joe does not love them, and is trying to hurt them in every way. That's just no one is afraid of the brothers, because friendship will win any trouble.

If you can play online Mimishishki games, in their company you can go to the nearest pond to catch some fish for dinner. Diversify the menu and simply bring fun to the leisure of picking mushrooms. It's so cool to arrange a competition, who quickly pick up a full bast basket!

At any time, playing Mimimishki games online for free, you can become car designers, astronauts, adventurers, fishermen or someone else. The heroes have many lessons, and every day brings something special and unrecognized. Enough to join them, and a whirlpool of mischief, noble deeds, inventions and idle fun will overwhelm you. Yes, Tuchka and Kesh adore music, and therefore they often arrange parties with dancing, singing and catching fireflies. Do not believe? This is easily seen right now.

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