Trollhunters games

Trollhunters games

Imagine that you became the owner of some magic artifact, and now you have to fulfill an important mission. Not always the new destiny looks tempting, after all for certain from you courage and force is required to enter into an unequal battle with fierce warriors. It happened with Jimi and his friends, and now they call you with them. To help them, open online Trollhunters games, and start playing for free by building portals, using the power of a crystal, using a magic hammer. And all in order to help the good trolls defeat the fierce army of evil, which commands Gunmar.
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Games Trollhunters based on the animated series

Trollhunters games Trollhunters games At the end of the winter of 2016, the world premiere of the Mexican-American animated series was held, according to the idea of ​​which later the games of Trollhunters arose. This is a story about a young man who unwittingly became a hero, and forced to fight with the menacing inhabitants of the underworld.

He did not even guess that beneath the city of Arcadia there is another Dark Lands. You can get there only with the help of the magic crystal of the Magic Amulet. And it so happened that he was in the hands of our hero, although he did not ask for it at all.

The most fascinating stories always begin with randomness. Not an exception this time. And this turned out so interesting that it was awarded almost 100% approval of critics who called the series fresh and bright. This, in turn, promises a lot of fun from the game Trollhunters.

More about heroes

Trollhunters games Trollhunters games No event can happen without participants, and therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with those who gave us the joy to observe what is happening in the animated series. Of course, the games of Trollhunters would not have taken place without them either, so it's time to get acquainted.

  • Jim Lake the main character, called by the will of fate to fight the terrible representatives of the Dark Lands. He is only 15 years old, and more recently he was just another student at school with the usual problems for this age. But after he was hit by the Magic Amulet, he is forced to decide which of the dwarves, trolls and goblins are friends, and who is the enemy.
  • Toby Domzalski is not just the best friend of Jimi, but practically a brother. When things get too bad, he will always find words of support or anecdote to defuse the situation. Let him look plump and seem awkward, he will not leave in trouble, and you can rely on him, especially when in his hands a magic hammer.
  • Claire Nuñez part of the team becomes a little later. She has many talents, and besides, she is cheerful and sympathetic, flexible gymnast and staunch fighter. When her younger brother was replaced by a troll, she went to his rescue, even realizing that the chances are too small. Becoming part of the group, she received a staff, through which she learned to create portals, using for this the power of emotions.
  • Blinky is a representative of the world of trolls, a friend of the guys and a valuable consultant on bad luck trolls. He himself is kind and wise, helps Jimi and his friends to train to make them successful. He has six eyes, a mouth full of teeth, four hands, small horns and a turquoise skin. He often meets during the game Trollhunters.
  • Aaarrggh is a large and strong troll. Although outwardly it seems fierce, in fact, he long ago renounced the former convictions of the destroyer, and now became a friend of a cohesive team. He has a powerful torso, overgrown with green hair, strong hands, and strong teeth in his mouth.
  • Walter Strickler is a teacher at the school that Jim visits. It seems to be an ordinary caring and sympathetic teacher, but in fact he is a changeling of the troll Changeling, who knows how to take human form. To learn about everything that happens in the team, he begins to be friends with Jim's mom.
  • Boolar fierce troll warrior. Bloodthirsty, spiteful, hates changeling. He wants to free Gunmir's father from the Dark Lands.
  • Draal, although at first he is suspicious of the boy, then he gets sympathetic towards him.
  • NeEnrike replaced the younger brother Claire, but then even made friends with her.
  • Gunman is the leader of Gun-Gum, living in the Dark Lands. He is merciless even with his brethren.

Vot with these characters to play games Hunters for trolls.

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