Camp Lakebottom games

Camp Lakebottom games

Go to the free online games of Lakebottom Camp to play with McGee, Gretchen and Squat, who made friends in an unusual children's camp. Here there are friendly monsters and not very much, but there is also a nearby camp "Sunny Smiles", where Jordan Butskvat settled. He is the main enemy of McGee, and all the while trying to spoil the rest. But as a result, he himself gets in trouble, and his friends have to save him. You will also meet sasquacha, zombies, giant octopus, and they are all pretty cute guys. Ensure this is not difficult, plunged into incredible adventures.
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Games Camp Lakebottom great entertainment

Camp Lakebottom games Camp Lakebottom games Sometimes it happens that a random error leads to unexpected consequences. The same happened in the case of McGee, the main hero of the game Camp Lakbottom. And there were online fun thanks to the adventure cartoon Camp Lakebottom, which premiered in the summer of 2013. In Canada.

We can also enjoy gaming versions of the story about a 12-year-old boy, who confused buses during a trip to a children's camp, and in the end got completely wrong. However, he found friends here as well:

  • Gretchen Gritschelson girlfriend McGee. Outwardly, everything is indifferent, always responding with sarcasm, intolerant to other people's mistakes and has a black belt in karate. Although this makes it difficult to be friends with her, she has a big and kind heart inside.
  • Squat as opposed to Gretchen, he is the most cheerful person in the world, able to forgive even after they wanted to kill him. McGee's best friend. Also ready to be friends with all the monsters appearing in the camp. Such gullibility often leads to the boy's mind being captured in order to control and control him.
  • Sawyer is a zombie who looks after the camp and makes sure that his guests are happy. He destroys the stereotypes that all the walking dead want to eat other people's brains. His head is constantly falling, and it has to be re-fastened, and instead of one hand a chainsaw. At the same time, he is a real sweetheart and camp counselor.
  • Armand Big Sasquer. He was also a camp caretaker, and he was a big kind fellow. However, it is better not to be angry and not to be left alone with the marshmallow, otherwise he does not vouch for himself.
  • Drag a huge octopus. At first, everyone thought he was angry, because he snapped people up and threw them into the water. But then it turned out, he plays like that, and in fact quite a playful sea monster.
  • Jordan Butskvat is an antagonist of the animated series and games Camp Lakbottom. He is the son of the director of another camp - "Sunny Smiles", and constantly quarrels with McGee and his friends. Jordan's goal is to destroy Lakebottom, but so far he has failed, he is trying to poison the lives of its inhabitants. In the process, he himself gets in trouble, and his main enemy constantly pulls him out of the clutches of monsters and even saved his life several times.

What happens on the playground

Camp Lakebottom games Camp Lakebottom games Now that you have met the participants of Camp Lakebottom Games, it's time to take part in their entertainment. Show your:

  • Lovkost
  • Speed
  • Mehkost
  • Observation

With new friends you can try out a jet pack. To do this, go to the circle, click on the tester with a mouse and hold it a little to give acceleration. Now let go, and let the hero soar high, gaining points for the results achieved. If you type enough of them, you can get to another level.

Another Camp Lakebottom game will drive two enemies through the camps of McGee and Jordan. Everyone must protect their territory with weapons. During the competition, collect the boxes where the charges are stored, replenishing your arsenal. Do not let the enemy capture the flag, otherwise you will lose.

During another game, Lakebottom Camp, McGee, Gretchen and Squat took water skis, and went to the lake to relax. But then Olf Touty, who lost a tooth, appeared and began to run amok. To calm him down, to help restore the loss of Touti, avoiding dangerous bites.

A here is Camp Lakebottom games in the puzzle genre will be calm. Collect the whole picture from the elements, and you will see what kind of mess this time friends are in. Even looking for the mosaic pieces of their rightful place, you can have a great time, if there are such cool friends as heroes of such a fantastic adventure.

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