Fijit Friends games

Fijit Friends games

Some girls have had the luck to live to play with cute robots come alive, the others can enjoy socializing free running game Fijit Friends online. Fun-loving, music and talking robots smile and respond when they ask a question. A melody is hearing them as they embark together in dance. In form they resemble nevalyashek, maybe they really were inspired by the creators of the doll, but made them mobile, more alive? You have to look for each robot notes and learn the melody.

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Bizarre games Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends games online Fijit Friends toy robot in our market is a novelty, but has already managed to catch the fancy especially girls. They saw this as a funny robot wonderful friend with whom you can talk and have fun. Made of soft material, it is very flexible and pleasant to hold. He even likes these arms and he responds with a smile friendly replicas similar expressions of human warmth. Just a collection of four colored robot:

  • Will purple,  
  • blue Logan,  
  • Yellow Sage,
  • pink Serafin.  

Fijit Friends games online In addition to the color gamut and they are even form antennae, and together make a great team and fun can cheer anyone. In their lexicon of one hundred and fifty funny expressions, and they are always ready to respond to a new joke.

Games Fijit Friends based on the original design and now everyone can chat with one of the representatives of friendly civilization. Because among other abilities of robots in them lies the love of music, the game is based on that of their features. In one of the versions of the game, they lined up in front of musical notation, and you have time to move one of the characters in front of the line, on which floats note of a certain color. Naturally, it should catch the robot, which corresponds to this color. Other toy and also music by Logan Villa Serafina or Sage, you will have fun jumping with little friends, creating their own melody.

In Fijit Friends playing

Fijit Friends games online Games for girls robots Fijit Friends will bring a lot of pleasure, because in them a lot of positive energy and perky. Look how elegant bow these toys when they hear the phone call. By the way, you yourself can teach them this. They will gladly sing and accompany you to the dance, and when he went to bed, just wish them good night and after they answer, and his short sound resembling snoring, turn off until you wake up. These funny and kind of robots is difficult not to fall in love, and if you watch one wonder what they are going to the whole company, you can spend real party with music and comic talk. Their harmonious movements to the beat of the dance remind coherent professional team. The only pity is that they are trained only in English, but there is also a positive thing – You can easily learn a foreign language without the tutor. The robot is in addition to the main card replicas for which they are willing to speak because your communication at first to be a little far-fetched. But because they are programmed to training, you will soon diversify their vocabulary and will communicate as equals.

Whimsical interactive toys attract their good-natured views and direct behavior, and games for girls robots Fijit Friends offers additional opportunities to have fun with them and cheer yourself up. They can be perceived as pets, taking care of them. In response, they will respond willingly and namurlykayut your ear pleasing melody, answer with a nod to the kind words and offered to continue the fun. Kids really like all unusual, and what could be better than communicating with a toy that came to life? Many generations of children have dreamed that their plush bunnies, kittens and bears and dolls and robots suddenly learned to speak and react to cues and actions. Now this dream has come true, and inanimate objects suddenly found his voice, and learned to move even settled in the virtual world, so we could always find him to approach and a common language.

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