Shooter Games

Shooter Games

Are you suddenly in the mood to shoot? Open free online Shooter games. In this section, a variety of weapons are already waiting for brave soldiers and heroes. Cannons, grenade launchers, bows and crossbows, rifles and tanks, pistols and machine guns, as well as a fantastic military arsenal are already loaded and ready for action. Not only boys love to play in this genre - girls show no less interest in it. You will see comic book characters, members of the Wild West, space aliens, monsters and robots here. Clear the territory from the invasion of zombies, vampires and other enemies.

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Shooter by Category:

Shooter Games Online In peacetime, men do not have the opportunity to prove themselves as heroes. Their hands itch to hold on to a machine gun, a rifle, or at least a pistol. There is a way out even from such a situation, and those who are especially resolute acquire pneumatic weapons, from which they shoot at targets. Those who prefer more active actions go to specially equipped grounds for laser ball, paintball, airsoft. But besides this, there are also shooter games where the action takes place just at your home and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Best free shooter games online

Online Shooter games mean shooting in a variety of ways. They are available for adult gamers and for kids. Believable simulators open up a lot of opportunities for the player and as he progresses through the missions, different settings, functions and upgrades become available to him. The first third-person shooters have been replaced by modern ones that allow you to see what is happening at eye level. The graphics have become voluminous, and the plots are more diverse.

Choosing a combat arsenal and target

Shooter Games Online Players of the younger generation take great pleasure in choosing all kinds of plots, the main theme of which is still shooting. And you can shoot from anything:

  • familiar firearms;
  • slingshots;
  • bow;

Enemies are also presented in a variety:

  • zombies;
  • vampires;
  • mutants;
  • civilians;
  • military people.


  • Exploring any space

Any space can serve as a platform for manipulation, and the themes offer famous battles from history and absolutely fantastic ones.

  • Outer space

Star Wars fans should definitely take on the role of the commander of a military spaceship that stroy the endless blue of the sky, making its way to distant planets, turning on protection from asteroids and engaging in battles with extraterrestrial civilizations. You can conquer any planet and establish your own order on it. The slightest disobedience will be regarded as a provocation and severely punished. At your disposal will be scientific laboratories, mines, troops. All this will serve as a reliable stronghold for you to equip your soldiers with modern weapons and attack the enemies, crushing them with a quick and decisive attack.

Shooter Games Online

  • Clan showdown

A shootout can begin right on a city street when mafia clans have not divided influence over a territory or area of activity. The police, chasing the bandits, open fire on them, and they backfire. Street gangs in New York annoy civilians with their antics and don’t put the police out of work. Any reason can serve as a signal for them to open fire.

  • Enraged robots

Shooter games also offer wars of robots that are out of control and are now destroying everything around them that humanity has created. These pieces of iron know no mercy, because they are completely devoid of emotions. You won't be able to negotiate with them and it remains only to shoot in order to break through the protective shell and disable the electronic mechanism.

  • Impenetrable wild forests

The stories take us even to the wild jungle, where American soldiers are especially fond of fighting. They would only shoot, and the target is not so important.

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