Tekken games

Tekken games

Fans of Japanese fighting games probably already started to play free online games Tekken. Here the characters are fighting, using blows honed in training and each demonstrates the tried and tested skills – own unique beats. Expose the ring of one of them and carry the fight consists of five rounds. You can win, lose or end the match in a draw. A certain combination of keys will inflict a devastating mega hit, but it takes a lot of vitality of the hero, and it is necessary to resort to it only in dangerous situations. These games will give you a spectacular show, and you will be his director.

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The world of ruthless fights

Tekken games online to explain the popularity of products abound fights hard. To penetrate this genre, you have to hurt them. Perhaps attracted by the dynamics of action and entertainment, masculine men and desire to be like them. The cinema fights furnished as a show where everything is crumbling, cracking, heroes perform incredible stunts, and when the blow should have killed a soldier, he did not even grimaces in pain. Of course, all this film and he would long ago have fallen in life. It is quite another movie – the actor for a long time does not even scratch after all the throws and strikes. Watching the militants, the boys are willing to repeat the feat. That's just a personal physical fitness is not always possible to oppose the whole gang, and one does not feel like a bully communicate. There remains one way – play computer action games, shooters, fighting games. Here you can practice the martial arts as much as necessary, and at worst simply have to start the level again if you lose.

Tekken games online A striking example is Tekken games, which makes the company Namco. All products are made in the style of fighting games and the player can choose a character to be administered during a fight, trying to inflict damage on points and destroy it physically. Games Tekken – a prime example of its genre. All the characters look colorful – with huge muscles, state symbols and distinctive external features. We offer a distraction and imagine yourself as a super fighter.

The specifics of the game Tekken

Tekken games online Games Free Tekken include elements of different martial arts and fights themselves are divided into rounds, which can result in a victory, a defeat or a draw. Some heroes rely only on the strength of their fists, and during the battle perform tricks that are unique to them. You can get close to the opponent close and stab him, who takes a significant part of life. There will be jumping, somersaults, undercuts. Other characters used in the battle of arms, for some kinds of traditional martial arts. For example, Yoshimitsu hall capable enemy back and hit him on the head with the handle of the sword is so strong that the whole body is imprinted into the ground. If we talk about the story short, free games Tekken is not particularly different from similar games fighting games. Heihachi Mishima announces a Fight of the tournament « Iron Fist », which is to determine the winner. Who would be the best, he awarded the title of master Mishima financial empire and become the owner of the cash prize – billion. When you get tired in the game to play Tekken, does not necessarily stop the introduction to this topic. On the motives of computer card games created fun, manga and animated and filmed a feature film. This is at odds with the traditions – usually the opposite happens when the games become followers of cinema and comics.


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