Mortal Kombat games

Mortal Kombat games

We offer the official reason for the boy fights – Play free online game Mortal Kombat, competing in the ring or outside with formidable opponents. Yes, you do not yet fear the pile of muscles and fists molotoobraznyh that flash in front of your face lightning. Even if your character gives birth weight enemy, a couple punches sent him to a long knock. Flutters on the site and let your light will move reminiscent of dance. Beat the opponent confused and hit not only by his imagination, but the body is a series of powerful blows. Hover around the butterflies flying lightning and do not let yourself hurt.

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The history of the game Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat games Mortal Combat (MC) (Mortal Kombat in English means – Mortal Kombat) – is a series of fighting games created by Ed Boon and John Tobias in the early 90-x's. Boys just melted from mentioning this toy, and none has been who has not heard or have not played Mortal Kombat. First, though, the developer intends to make a series of games with Jean-Claude Van Damom in the title role, but then stopped for another embodiment. The first version of the toys were designed for gaming machines, and then to the home console, and today we have available in the game Mortal Kombat online play.

Product provided the impetus for the creation of comic books, cartoons, movies and series. Also were invented card Mortal Kombat games and organized costume shows. So the scale can boast not every game, and because MK will excite long boyish minds and remain part of the collection of your favorite computer games.

Everything happens in a fantasy world. Once upon a time there were only two forces:

  • The essence of the One,
  • Elder Gods.  

The essence nourished by the Gods, and the hour has come when the latter rebelled, declaring the essence of war. Gods were created Kamidogu six guns which they used against their enemies. The essence was divided into parts, but the consciousness of it survived and Kamidogu lost in six parts of the enemy, which became a separate entity and began to develop their life:

  • The Earth Kingdom
  • The lower the kingdom,  
  • World Order,  
  • World of Chaos,  
  • The world of Eden  
  • The external world.  

Mortal Kombat games Mortal Kombat games Elder Gods have decided that each world can conquer nearby, but it does in the tournament « Mortal Kombat » participate and win ten consecutive victories. Dragon King and Emperor of the outside world – Onaga, has practically become the absolute master of all the worlds, winning numerous victories in the competition, but found a worthy opponent, who managed to overthrow him, and they turned out to Shao Kahn.

This is interesting

However, one thing to win a battle, but a very different turn when it is necessary to control the whole empire, maintaining order. Shao Kahn was not ready to power and begins the fierce battles. The game is constantly criticized and earned first mark & ​​laquo; 18 + », indicating limited access to it by age. This is not surprising. Even one of the authors – Ed Boon in 2010, said that he understood parents who have their children are forbidden to play it, because he did not want his ten-year-old son was playing Mortal Kombat. But you have nothing to worry about, as we have gathered the most lightweight version fights where there is a sea of ​​blood and mayhem. Some products only MK resemble the original version of the main theme, where opponents fight using martial arts and some inherent and available to them magic.

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