Popeye the Sailor games

Popeye the Sailor games

You can get acquainted with a very original character Popeye the Sailor online games. This character loves spinach, because it helps him to increase and so the mighty forces. It is necessary to swallow a portion of the fortified plants, it is easy to overturn even plane. Popeye Bluto rivals for the heart of Olive and to help him to overcome the traps, you have to play for free in the game represented subjects. And to maintain the excellent form, sailor forgets o sports training agility, strength and speed. He plays baseball and rides a motorcycle to get the reward – Kiss lover.

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Popeye the Sailor games Popeye the Sailor games The sailor Popeye – each of several generations

Happy, strong and cheerful sailor Popeye has appeared in comic books in 1929. First he took a cameo role, but when the people's sympathy demanded continuation, had to make his protagonist, pushing the rest of the characters. In 1933, it began to take on the animated series, then came the turn of animated features and films, and in 2015 plans to release a new computer animated cartoon.  

The special Popeye

Externally sailor looks strange, but it makes it recognizable. He totally disproportionate body – overly inflated arms and legs. This shows that it is extremely strong and may at any time raise any heavy object. For it is not a problem to throw the piano, as he copes with the weight of an elephant or a plane. When it's a critical situation, it is worth it to eat spinach bank as its power increased, and it is able to move mountains. So he advocates for children benefit the rich in vitamins plants, and we must admit it works.

In the mouth cartoon character always sticking pipe, cut from cob. It is an integral part of the way of the sailors, but probably in the first half of the last century is not yet aware of the detrimental effects of smoking on health, so my father went on surprising gigantic force.

Another feature of the hero – anchor tattoo on each hand. Yet his strange tone of voice, manner of "swallow" the end of words or distort them. But the name can be translated as a sailor "Popeye" or "pop-eyed."

Other characters and plot of the game Popeye the sailor

When there is a hero and anti-hero should be. Opponent Papaya – Bluto (but sometimes used the name Brutus). Our sailor has a girlfriend, Olive Oyl, but it wants to discourage Bluto, and therefore resorted to drastic measures: kidnappings, beatings and even attempts to kill him. When the situation becomes critical, it absorbs Popeye spinach and resolves its own way.

Popeye the Sailor games Popeye the Sailor games Starting the process of the game Popeye the sailor

  • Adventure is an adventure in the company of the glorious sailor Papaya. Help him to overcome the obstacles placed Bluto, you will help him to meet with Olive to ask her out. ,
  • Sports also attract our hero, and the game online Popeye the sailor invited to play baseball, racing motorcycles, and other topics of the competition. ,
  • Papaya with Olive Kissing Game Popeye the sailor will digression from his action. But if you do not deign to retire to a secluded place, be prepared that you will stare around, and this should not be allowed. When you rush to another's eyes, stop for a minute, not for long. ,

Interesting facts about the hero

  • It is said that Papaya created in the image of a real person – Frank Figl, who is also known by the nickname Rocky. ,
  • The characters of the animated series were the images for related products: figurines, souvenirs, toys and logos. If some continue to be released, while others remain in the single copy, and now are expensive items for collectors. ,
  • as doping Spinach Popeye began to eat in the animated series (in the comics he is strong without him). The choice fell on the plant due to a typo in an article on its use, where the iron content increased ten times in comparison with the true its quantity. The error is not immediately found, but due to it and "advertising" Papaya, children began to eat it more. ,
  • In the Texas town of Crystal City spinach producers in gratitude erected a monument to Pope. ,
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