Cooking School - play online

Cooking School - play online

tired of burgers and soup? Want something new and tasty? Then open free online games School of Culinary to learn interesting recipes of dishes. Starting with the development of simple sandwiches, you will gradually gain skills in the preparation of delicious dishes. You just need to play more often in this category, and gradually you will gain skill that allows you to do without prompts. Toys are made so that in addition to the main event it will be necessary to look for dishes and necessary products, and then chop up, stir, cook, simmer and fry in a certain order.

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Games Cooking School Online Games Cooking School Online Everyone has their favorite dishes and special recipes that they treat to friends and family, surprising them with their ingenuity and talents. The skill of tasty, varied and properly cook is akin to artistry. Some people have innate abilities to culinary business, others are specially trained in this.

See who works as a chef in the kitchens of restaurants and cafes and it will become clear to you that it is men who most often amaze with their skills to cook any dish with high quality. Proceeding from this, we offer games for school chefs not only for girls, but also for male audience of gamers.

The wealth of the range of the game school of cooks

Going to the virtual kitchen, you will have access to the food wealth of our refrigerators and shelves of cabinets. A variety of dishes, designed for various manipulations, will help to cope with any recipe. You have a variety of actions when you have to bake, fry, boil and simmer. Even simple slicing can become a theatrical act, if you do it in the air, swinging a sharp knife, trying to share the fruits and vegetables soaring upwards.

Often school games for girls are accompanied by elements of the quest. In such toys, before you start cooking, you must first find all the ingredients in a pile of items in the kitchen. Such a variety of gameplay has a beneficial effect on the plot, making it even more attractive.

We perform additional buildings preparatory work

Games Cooking School Online There will be tasks when it is necessary to repair the handle of a refrigerator or a cabinet in order to extract the necessary product from it. All tasks and a set of necessary details are displayed in a special menu scale on the playing field. Sometimes this is a simple list and every time you find an item, or you perform an action, it is deleted from the list.

At another time, you will see images in the form of contours of dishes and products. Carefully looking at them, you can easily find the relevant things among the rest of the trash.

When everything is in place, it's time to start the sacrament of cooking. Dishes from different countries for solemn occasions or for every day are presented in our assortment. Having learned to cook them virtually, you can easily reproduce them in life. And if some seem a bit difficult, you can always ask your grandmother, sister or mother to help you with some moments. Hot dogs, sandwiches, cocktails and salads do not seem very complicated, but if you need to knead the dough, fry something, cook and put in the oven, the help of seniors will be indispensable.

Business Games School Cook

Who feels in the soul of the future business woman, she is eager to open a game for girls at the culinary school. Here the real work begins and besides preparing the dishes, they will have to be sold and developed in order for it to become competitive.

One cafe or restaurant can turn into a whole network, and bring you huge profits. But we will not run ahead, but let's start with small things. As long as you have only one object, focus on making it successful.

A few clients will soon soon float a whole river, and a lot of work remains to be done. To facilitate your work and speed up customer service, you need to buy expensive equipment, and to make the place beautiful, take care of the decoration of curtains, paintings, flowers, lamps and wallpaper on the walls.

In different toys you will have two options for the development of events:

  • When you stand behind the counter, prepare dishes and sell them;
  • Or, as a manager, you equip the premises and direct the workflow of the maintenance staff.

Games Cooking School Online Games Cooking School Online A series of games school of cooks is considered to be one of the best among the games dedicated to cooking. All fans of this genre unanimously argue before us one of the most perfect and realistic simulators dedicated to virtual cooking. The developers did not set themselves the goal to primitivize the game. On the contrary, they complicated it, so that the preparation of strawberry pie, homemade pizza or pork chops was as similar to how it is done in a real kitchen. Therefore, the passage of the game school cooks is not so simple. The game goes to the points the faster you cook the dish, the more points you get and bonuses. In a very short time you need to do a lot of important things. For example, to find all the necessary ingredients and tools on the kitchen painstakingly drawn by the artist. Then the preparation of products for culinary experiments. Very detailed. Up to the point that the meat must be cut according to strictly specified directions with a special arrow, which imitate the rules for cutting real meat. This school of game for girls such filigree possession of a mouse will not only improve fine motor skills, but also will serve in many online games.

Still think that you can easily cope with the task. We repeat it is calculated for a while. And the products in the school of cooks do not mix up with the wave of a magic wand, as happens in more conventional simulators, but as much time as is necessary for a real kitchen blender. Yes, and in the refrigerator or oven, dishes spend not one symbolic second, but quite a long time. Recipes are also the most realistic in them not a single ingredient is missed. The school for cooks makes girls games essentially a collection of recipes. According to the local instructions you can really make a paste, bake cherry muffins and even make California rolls. A variety of dishes here a great many. So any hostess who has already taken place can learn a lot of useful things in the game. Girls cooking school like the fact that everything here, as in life. But in order to make sure of this, you need to cook at least a couple of dishes in this unusual virtual kitchen.

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