Powerpuff Girls games

Powerpuff Girls games

Growth of strength and courage not define. Look at the little girls: Pestle, Tsvetik and Vial, who were born in a scientific laboratory. They do not lend decisiveness and agility when it salvation. To get acquainted with the baby, it is best to play free online games Powerpuff Girls. They vigilantly see great to hear, able to fly and extremely strong, fighting zombies and robots are involved in chases and shoot-outs, rescue Mayor and puppies, and then go into the cabin, put on a new dress to, fix her hair with makeup and continue their adventures, where many dangers.
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Powerpuff Girls games Merry, fantastic adventures will provide Supercrumb games created according to the idea of ​​the American animated series. The original name of The Powerpuff Girls can be translated and so: "Powerpuff girls", and this will be true, because before you are really unusual heroines. Even their birth is accompanied by a secret, and it is unlikely that similar ones will appear.
Everything happened in the laboratory of Professor Utonius, when he was working on a bold idea to create the most ideal girl. He took spices, sugar, cute things, and already mixed the ingredients together, but then his arm was pushed by a naughty chimpanzee assistant Jojo, and the professor touched the container with the X-element. She fell and broke, and the contents fell into the prepared composition. There was a reaction, and instead of a flawless girl, three very small, without a single finger, big-eyed crumbs turned out.
Later it turned out that they have unique talents:

  • super speed
  • Ability to fly
  • Superhear
  • Super Power
  • Thermal and microscopic and vision

In addition to these common abilities, each has its own unique forces, which pushed them further to take the path of fighting criminals in the American city of Townsville.

Key figures of history

We offer a closer look at three charming Super Chips to understand their character and abilities.

  • Tsvetik is the smartest, and therefore recognized leader of the trinity. When you see how the pink outfit flashed, the red tail and the red bow, know that this is it. Her main element is cute things. Before going on a new assignment, she carefully plans it.
  • A bubble is usually naive and trusting. She is considered a fool, because she behaves like a small child. But be calm if there is a task ahead, the girl instantly becomes serious. Her element is sugar, a favorite activity is drawing, external features are two light short tails and a blue suit.
  • Pestics real fighter, the most active and assertive. She first rushes to the attack, and only in the process corrects the action, for which Flower her constantly scolds. Her element is spice. Wears green outfits and shortly cuts black hair.

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Powerpuff Girls games Powerpuff Girls games Other persons of history are woven into the plot of Powerpuff girls games. You will meet the Mayor of the city, which is so cowardly that it is lost at a crucial moment. The inhabitants of Townsville do not favor him, and therefore one day he will have to fight back from them, calling for the help of Super Tricks. Of course, girls will not leave the poor fellow in trouble, because they protect all those in danger. For the Mayor, the crumbs have apples in place that are able to support the forces while he is shooting back.
Meeting with zombies does not seem like a pleasant acquaintance, but our heroines rush at them resolutely and bravely to prevent the dead from entering further into the city. In the next mission to confront the monsters who attacked in order to kidnap puppies. No one knows why the monsters needed them, but they definitely didn’t get anything good. Protect cute little dogs so that they do not fall into the hands of the enemy.
Look in the zoo. What is it? parents in a panic. The animals escaped from the enclosures and roam the territory, and among them are girls and boys in danger. Rush soon, pick up the kids and give them to parents.
There will be Powerpuff girls games without heroic feats. Play snowballs, slide down the slope on a snowboard, place props in the room to create an atmosphere for a photo shoot. The master has come out for a while, and Supercrumbs can't wait to start, so they set about decorating the space to their own taste.

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