Monster games

Monster games

One of the most fantastic columns, is a free online game Monsters. Here you will meet and play with many of the other world, you learn their habits, learn to deal with evil spirits, or make friends. Once at the School of Monsters, no longer seem frightening its inhabitants, if a little chat with them. But in the classic version, they attack you, and we must defend. You can use any means: machine guns, grenades, even vegetables that you grow in its courtyard. Do not avoid and battle one on one, going against them with a knife.

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Monsters by Category:

It's not a terrible game Monsters

Monster games online horrible monsters and nice welcome you in the vast game Monsters, where you will find:

  • Winged vampires;
  • The Walking Dead;
  • aliens from outer space;
  • Spiteful demons;
  • shaggy werewolf.

Do not be afraid of fangs and claws of these creatures. Many monsters is quite nice and good, but the rest of you can easily manage, armed to the teeth.

The peaceful life monsters

have become cult characters Monster High School, which only look unusual, and the rest are concerned with the same issues as other teenagers. They treated teeth and wounds, hair and make love to dress fashionably. Together, you will prepare for a date, to seek a way out of the room, to prepare for the holiday meals and attending rock concerts, to clean up the room after the party and bring myself up in beauty salons, kiss and engage in design.

Aliens everything is not desperate and willing to help people in the fight against the aggressors. They repaired the ship in inaccessible places to people, share their arms and render habitable island, waiting for a rescue shuttle from the home planet. Let them do not confuse you with their views, and we are sure they do not seem very attractive.

The zombies, vampires, witches and skeletons built their cafe and now it serves their favorite drinks and dishes. Work they bartender, preparing delicacies of spiders, bats' wings, eyeballs, acid zhabih languages. Particularly noisy it gets to Halloween, when all evil wakes up and goes to the feast in their honor.

for war heroes

Monster games online Those monsters who refuse to co-exist peacefully with us, will be punished. Arm:

  • flamethrowers;
  • firearms and bladed weapons;
  • batons;
  • Garlic and holy water;
  • a plant.

To conduct the war against the monsters by any means possible. Some zombies are afraid even to vegetable crops, and combat can be peas, cherry trees and other plants growing on the porch of the house. On the other easier to understand, shooting from a machine gun or sword smashing his head. Do not be amiss to lay an explosive projectile, wait for the crowd of zombies will be thicker, and then undermine them.

On this planet there is no room angry guests and strangers are investigated quickly and specifically, shooting their ships, destroying the earth, catching in the water. Let go home if they can not live together.

The Action will explore every corner of a room or open area, looking lurking enemies of humanity. Keep your weapons ready to deliver the knockout-a decisive blow to the monster suddenly jumped out. Important not to get lost and not afraid to speak his roar, prickly eyes, huge teeth and claws sharpened. Some can spit acid, so be ready on time, and jumps.

Occasionally, to kill the monster must be rapidly clicking on it, as in the case of games clickers. They do not attack, and passively wait when you make a vendetta. For each defeated monsters accrued points, and you can gradually increase its killing power.

Monster games online Against the monsters you will not act alone, but in the company of heroes of cartoons and comics. Unclean fighting:

  • Neighbors bears;
  • Super Mario;
  • SpongeBob
  • The Tramp;
  • Ben 10
  • Bart Simpson;
  • Santa;
  • Dora and many others.

War unfold in different conditions, and it is necessary to adapt to any situation, be it a building, street, jungle, desert, or a dungeon. Each version features offered, and you can play Lego monsters, slay the monster from Shanghai, farm or equip the room with flying witch on a broomstick and prepare a magic cocktail.

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