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You want to play for free in an unusual toy? The best online games Tooniks hard to imagine. Here it is possible to create and modify hero pridelyvaya his head and body with unusual shapes, eyes, mouth and nose. It can find any kind of, for example, head-birdhouse. Tooniks loves to communicate, become a friend and Avatar, which shows the mood. Visit the unusual stadium and win trophies in all of sport directions. Help him escape from the head Grubb, and look at the differences between the ship. Cute little character at your disposal and ready for anything at any time.
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Games Toniks: your personal avatar What you have to do during the game Toniks, both familiar and new. Game version for Android offer to create your own hero-avatar, which will represent you to friends. It can be changed forever, and the image can be quite abstract: • With five eyes • Roof instead of hair • aquiline nose • On the horns • cocks comb The range of an infinite number of parts that can be combined millions of times to make a faceless being original. Change the color used on the body applications, do it smiling, sad or angry. Character hourly mood can change as you wish, displaying yours. Becoming your representative in the network, it will show your friends what is going on in your heart. Tickle him and he laughs, as if to stroke - he is away in a smile. He knows how to laugh, jump, play hide and seek, and much more. It is a living embodiment of your imagination, and up to you, what would be and how it will be in a minute. One thing is certain, he will be your friend, with whom do not want to leave. He did not bother and do not require all your attention. Talk to him when you want to, and he humbly wait for this moment. When it comes, do not hold back the joy of the character, because he is your creation, and grateful for it. Tooniks capable of feats Introducing the game Toonix, which will allow to diversify the communication with the unusual but cute hero. If you are willing to go through obstacles and are not afraid of nightmares, welcome to the world of dreams boy Grubb. He needs to escape from his own head. Turned out he was there by chance, asleep on the night of Halloween, instead of begging for candy at adults, knocking on their door. Now he is paying the price for their lack of foresight, being in the depths of his subconscious. Grubb see inside your brain, like passing by the red corpuscles, in all directions, sticking fragments of vessels, and opened wide craters time portals. That he should have hit, firing the main gun ammunition Tooniksa avatars in various guises. We must find the right angle of tilt to release the next round. He bounces off the walls, glued to the walls of craters and clings to the veins becoming a hindrance. Shoot until you find the right direction, and the only way to be able to break through the surface of the mind until it breaks out of the nightmare. Ammunition can not save, they will be in abundance. It remains to be the test of the Bermuda Triangle, where things dvoyatsya, but each identical to the original. While on the ship, you find it difficult to stay in place and do not try - it will not turn. But while the vision is moved along the perimeter, study the situation and to see the difference, click on it soon. Now you zavedut Tooniks games at the stadium, which is located high in the sky among the clouds. First, it is necessary to transform the character. Choose a hairstyle and change its color. Instead, you can attach it to the head fire, aquarium, toaster, headgear or mask, and you want - you can use the computer random selection. After training, take part in competitions in a team or alone: • Tennis • Football • Basketball • The pole • sledging Funny Animation About Toonikse filmed some funny short series in which characters fall into funny situations. In every moment of your educational, presenting with humor, which even adults will be delighted. The hero goes on a fishing trip, fights with kitchenware, resting in a hammock, showing stunts, rides on a banana, and is involved in many other aspects.

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