Cannon games

Cannon games

Surely, intending to play free online games gun, you represent iron guns, shooting cores. In part, you're right, because in our arsenal is full of this stuff, and set it on ships, including piracy, as well as squares and machines. But we want you to pay attention to unusual variants. Launching from a cannon protein separated in tomato juice, and shoot colored balls group of similar color. We also have laser cannons with the spacecraft to capture the universe.

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The history, no less fascinating than the Cannon Game

Cannon games Throughout history, wars have used different weapons. As soon as there is something new, the rulers of countries were looking for an excuse to try innovative service in combat. After the first trials in the case, be sure to identify problems that are taken to correct, improving the design.

In the Middle Ages it suggests all the horror gun, shooting cores and the ability to destroy strong fortification wall. First made of bamboo in the tenth century in China – "fire spear", which was a prototype Manual "food" – shooting pipes. In the same country at the eastern armies of the XII century began to apply cannonballs and bombard.

All the guns can be divided into types:

  • The Powder
  • Steam
  • Electromagnetic – Catapult to make the acceleration of an object, and is used instead of aircraft jet engines. [eleven]

It is also divided on the use of guns:

  • Aviation
  • Coast
  • Anti-tank
  • Ship
  • Tank
  • Anti-aircraft
  • Atomic

sword shells, playing games online shoot a gun

Cannon games Cannon – Weapon powerful and useful, but not always easy. Due to the considerable weight it is difficult to deliver to the scene, especially on the road. To this end, several strong horses harnessed and pulled a weapon on the field, and if you had to quickly retreat, often just throwing it, and it became a trophy of the enemy.

With the advent of machine guns made it easier to transport, and they became part of military equipment such as tanks. Modern gun lighter, agile and powerful. It is not necessary to separately charge the powder, push into the iron core, and then set fire to the wick. Now the shells quickly come down the barrel and run the target system.

Games online gun became participants of the modern and the medieval wars. They are installed on pirate ships, the battlefield of ancient castles, tanks, planes, ships and space cruisers. Accordingly, they also shoot different projectiles from the iron core to the laser. With the game shoot a gun you fight with old enemies or perform certain tasks on logic. Imagine that your gun is stuck in a trap, and you can get only by destroying the crossbar in the correct order. Find the correct firing angle and necessary force, so that the core pleased to a certain point, and led to organized destruction. For a few levels you'll get a new, increasingly complex tasks.

Cannon games Fans of puzzle games will be able to collect a gun of his own design, and a cannon-gorohostrela have to defeat the army of zombies. Take boarded passing ships, pre-punched in his body several neat holes. In a more peace-loving games will churn out cannon colored balls, which are accumulated at the top of the field. Look at the color of your current shell to identify groups of the same color, point the gun at them and make accurate shot.

The famous cannon of the last times

The story includes several guns, which became known in the world. Now this historical monuments:

  • Tsar Cannon. During her cast in the workshop Chokhov Andrew in 1586, it was the largest of the existing artillery. It has a caliber of 890 mm, the length of the gun – 5.34 m, diameter of the trunk from the outside – 120 cm, weight – 39.31 m. [eleven]
  • Railway "Leopold" and K5, which was used by Germany during World War II. [eleven]
  • Dora – Another German gun war period 1941-45. [eleven]
  • Dzhayvana – Cannon outstanding in that it is the world's largest of those that have castors. [eleven]
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