My Gym Partner is a Monkey games

My Gym Partner is a Monkey games

How does it imagine to get into bestial school named after Charles Darwin out of the ordinary. That's what happened to Adam Leon 12 years, and how his life has developed, see starting to play for free online games My friend monkey. In addition to all the other disciples of Adam - animals, and school regulations were developed for them, but because the boy is difficult to meet them. If not monkey Jake, it would be absolutely intolerable. But with difficult situations get easier. Leave the museum, where you accidentally locked; remove the banana skins; play a game of tag and utihomirte raged Jake.
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Game My friend the monkey: a little bit of madness will not hurt You think that's going on in your school a real mess, everything upside down and it is difficult to remain calm when the next rage classmates? Then put yourself in the place of Adam Lyons - a boy of twelve, who by chance, on a stupid error, the cause of which was a typo in the name transferred from the school in the ordinary human institution for the animals. As it happened, and what has resulted, he says the animated series "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" and the game My friend the monkey started on the idea of ​​an animated product. New School boy is named after Charles Darwin, which is natural for the institution in which different sciences comprehend representatives of the animal world. First Adam terribly frightened to see anywhere, but gradually accepted, especially when closer acquaintance with the monkey Jacob. Because of its dissimilarity to the other students and limited in scope, difficult to adapt to Adam, because he is weaker animals, giving them speed, vigilance, smell, visual acuity, agility. Sometimes it even arrange the hunt, and it turns into a real survival. If not, Jacob, and a couple of other characters that belong to the boy with the understanding he would be even worse. Characters To the story was interesting, colorful characters are needed. Playing the game My friend is a monkey, you are waiting for pleasant meetings and adventures, which has no equal. A pair of unusual friends - a boy and a monkey, always in the middle of the action, but the meeting with other members of the narrative is inevitable. Main characters: • Adam Lyon • Monkey Jacob • Gorilla Windsor • Slips Python • Guadalupe "Little" Toucan • Ingrid Giraffe The characters of the second plan: • Virgil "Jaws" shark • Henry Battleship • Jumping Dickey • Elephant Indus • Margaret Rhinoceros • James Ant • Director Pixie Games for playful mood It's time to introduce you to the heading and tell what the game My friend the monkey for you are placed for free. First, let's go to the stadium, along with Jacob. He decided to make a contribution to public life and to remove any debris. But he pursues any bully, throwing more banana skins. Camouflaged in the bushes, to move quickly through the site, picking up a banana peel and return to your account game points. Just do not clash with the bully, or lose. Now, together with other students of the school of animal play catch-up. It is necessary to cross from one sector to another, are not faced with carnivorous plants. Catch each immediately run away, so he did not take the points you have earned. At the beginning of the game My friend is a monkey, you can choose to control Adam and Jacob, to guide him in the process. Warmed up? Then you will find a job now. Monkey get up to mischief - stole the postman newspaper, climbed the pole and throws them into stepping down passers-by. The boy was already used to correct the mistakes of others, and now to catch the newspaper, so they do not fall to the ground, otherwise it will pick up a copy of a passer and begin to read. Each caught instance brings 10 points, but if you manage to get into a monkey by the newspaper, it will lose a little bit of energy, and you will earn as much as 100 points. Now try to get out of the museum, which was closed inseparable couple. Adam would have to jump on the rise, swinging on vines, all in order, so to collect the magic key that can open the door. Jacob, however, will not stand aside, and help others to jump higher, tossing his cupped palms.

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