The Croods games

The Croods games

I think that when cut off electricity and hot water, it is a nuisance? Try to survive in a stone cave, heroes online game The Croods. To pass the test the harsh realities of the Stone Age, start free to play together with the family Krudsov. The leader of the family - Grougi, would not release his wife and children out of the cave, they are not met Lesser. It was found outside the house a lot of amazing, and now they go through the mazes in search of exit from the boring cave. Images of the characters you see on the memory card, to search for differences and items, as well as colorful puzzles in humorous scenes.
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Games The Croods primitive world

The Croods games The Croods games Fear of the unknown is always present, especially in older people. Difficulties with the development of new products cause them to give up the progress, content already acquired knowledge. A similar thing happened with the people at all times, and there is always something they do not know. Today, grandparents are not able and are afraid to learn to use smart phones, PCs, ATMs and other convenient technological capabilities. At other times it had its opening, which plunged the most in awe. Now imagine how it felt primitive society, when faced with natural phenomena and other unexplained things for them.
That is a misunderstanding of occurrence of fire, earthquake, lightning, floods, solar eclipses and other disasters led to the emergence of religion and deities who allegedly angry at people for disobedience, and sends punishment.
Based on the cartoon comedy company DreamWorks Animation created the game The Croods, which describes the life of primitive people, their fears and discoveries.

Prehistoric Family

The Croods games

The first people had tight. Hunt could not turn around as thought, and the hunter himself perished in the clutches of a predatory animal. Poisonous plants are often poisoned life, and with natural disasters and man could not cope at all. It is because the head of the family Krudsov – Circle, so long kept his family locked up in the depths of a dark cave.
But he forgot about the children's curiosity, which pushes the dangerous steps. One day, his daughter saw makes his way under the stone covering the entrance, a glimmer of light, and followed him. Coming out of the cave, she was surprised by the beauty of the outside world, and headed for the setting sun. Then she met with new friends, and learn from them about the coming end of the world. The family rushed to look prodigal daughter, and it turned out good, because the earthquake began, and the cave collapsed. Now they need a new house, and his search for the heroes gone farther, and you offer an opportunity to play the game The Croods.

  • circle (or circle) – believes that the new is bad. Too scared for his family, as a true husband and father.
  • Uggah
  • – children's mother and wife Circle. Life outside the cave has become a new challenge for her.
  • – Hip curious teenager, which was the one who first came into the world out of the cave.
  • Tank – young, so early 9 -year-old son Krudsov with a weight of 120 kg and 2 meters tall. Stupid and clumsy. Her dream is to become an outstanding hunter, as a father, but nothing comes out.
  • – Sandy, the youngest daughter of 4 years. Absolutely fearless, restless and smartest.
  • – Grandmother mother Uggs. She was 45 years old, and she was in the sunset of his life, although it has lost the instinct of self-preservation and temper.
  • Minor
  • – new family friend. It has a progressive thinking, invented shoes, tamed fire, and opened Krudsam whole world.
  • Sash
  • – taciturn pet - Small sloth.
  • Pazly

Igry Kruds help develop observation, memory, ability to navigate.

to develop together, playing games online The Croods

 Mnogo prepared interesting game themes:

  • Poisk predmetov
  • Igry The Croods brodilki 
  • Otlichiya
  • Na pamyat 
  • Labirinty
  • These are qualities that are essential to the hunter to know how to read tracks, remember the location of the hiding places and roads. Help the heroes get out of the maze of roads, and get a pleasant surprise. Free Game The Croods, this colorful puzzles, gambling search for specified objects, masked differences, the different elements on the frame of the wonderful cartoon.
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