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Pororo games

Somewhere far away among the ice floes and icebergs there is a village built by the penguins. We invite you to play free online games Pororo the Little Penguin, to make friends with unusual birds. The most talented among all turned Pororo - his house distinguished by its beauty and convenience. Help him build another using ice cubes. But the interests of the hero is not limited to construction. He is curious and finds application in different directions - excellent flying on a rocket, aircraft and balloons, solves logic puzzles, save friends, manages the restaurant, snowboarding.
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Games Pororo the Little Penguin for friendly company

Pororo the Little Penguin games Pororo the Little Penguin games People do not know much, for example, that in the snowy woods on a sunny glade, hidden from the biting wind of tall trees, located a cozy village inhabited by different little animals. The company selected a warm, friendly and quite motley. Each character is unique, and charismatic, has its own unique character and talent.
Sometimes occur between small misunderstanding, but this passing phenomenon. They value friendship, and do not take offense at each other for a long time. Much more interesting to have a good time, coming up with new adventures. Sometimes they bring friends into trouble, but there is always a solution. But then the fun to remember how great they are cranked.
about them on our screens in 2010, there was a South Korean animated series, and now continue to entertain games Pororo. The animated version was approved and has been translated into 30 languages ​​, translating into more than a hundred different countries.

Find out the names of characters in the game Pororo the Little Penguin

cheerful company toddler loves adventure and invents an excuse to try new things. Games Pororo the Little Penguin perfect little leisure gamers, and are introduced to the characters stories.

  • Pororo the Little Penguin games – perky penguin Pororo and the leading character. With drugom- Around dinosaur lived in the cozy pine cabin. He is full of ideas for adventures, which often turn into problems. Her dream is to learn to fly, testing different ways.
  • Krong
  • – crocodile -like dinosaur. Laconic but cheerful and resourceful.
  • – Pobi big white polar bear with a good-natured character. His hobbies include photography and fishing –.
  • – Eddie nimble fox - inventor. He has created a lot of equipment: robots, trains, cars, aircraft. True design its perfect, and during testing suffering friends.
  • – Petty pingviniha that terribly afraid of spiders, a great athlete and a bad cook.
  • Lupi – Beaver, who prepares delicious.
  • – Harry tiny hummingbird that was lost during the flight to Summer Island and hit the snow embrace the magic forest. – Hobby sing songs, but my friends are not in awe of them. He lives in a house built in Pobi home.
  • Rodi
  • – yellow robot designed by Eddie.
  • Siny Popo and Pipi – purple aliens that resemble jellyfish. They live in a spaceship.
  • Tong - Tong – magician who lives in a volcano dragon. Able to transform into a large dragon and fly over the forest, but when it is necessary to land, there are problems. Usage their magic often harms the forest dwellers.
  • NNIs
  • – playful kitten.
  • Tutu – beautiful red car talking.

Together, fun flying, jumping and having fun

Restless characters of the game for free Pororo show the way to their village. This high honor worthy only dedicated players who are ready to help friends in their exploits and adventures.
Help them to hide behind the ice cubes from the explosion of bombs. Villains decided to capture the animals in captivity, but they believe that they will save you. In gratitude, Pororo and Krong invited during online games Pororo fly with them on the plane, built by fox Eddy. This time should do without an accident, if the fly around obstacles and collect bonus items.
Curious penguin was the victim of poachers, he landed in a trap. Hurry to his aid, starting in the game Pororo play to open the cage and hold the hero home. Yet you will manage the cafe, which serves your favorite treats friends, amazing puzzles, fight with snowballs, ballooning and much more.

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