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Raze games

The war people against aliens from outer space has become a topic of online games Raise. It released several fascinating series, and you will play for free in the vastness of our planet and others, to seek a new home when the time comes. Arm all available weapons to throw a wave of the enemy and win back his native territory. Against you will act as robots and various monsters. You Raise soldiers undercover unit who is trained to resist the threat of an increased degree. Explore the maze of database objects and match results to increase the chance of successfully completed the mission.
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Games Raze a space mission

   developers many times have played up the situation with the space invaders and various monsters, putting the man in front of a situation where the need to protect their possessions at any cost. Games Raise – next series of similar themes. The fans never tire tracks go heroes and experience in combat a new weapon, so that in front of you familiar situation with a new approach, which is exactly like it.

This is a great shooting game for boys, but no one will mind if girls also join the company and help from ordinary unit Raise to take part in a secret military experiment.


Your mission

Raze games Raze games

process of the game Raze 2 throws you in 2016. This year was fatal – contact with aliens finally took place, but not as much as people had hoped. Newcomers were aggressive and assertive, and to drive them off, government was forced to raise the strongest soldiers to Raise created divisions.

During the game Raise you send to your secret training ground, and the hot battle will develop in its labyrinths. You have to explore it in search of weapons and equipment. But the players are free to choose the direction of the military conflict, and instead of the brave soldier of the army of the Earth to become a space aggressor.

U each side of their technical ability, strength, and protection of weapons, and applying them, develop a story in its own direction. In any case, the opposition will be fierce and exciting, and will win the most prepared.

As with the previous series, the game provides 3 Raise arms pumping, collecting ammunition in the process of passing, and replenish health with the help of first-aid kits found. The soldiers squad raise is shape, fortified against enemy attacks and weapons from the usual pistols to assault weapons. Do aliens own technique, and it sometimes exceeds our own, but this does not mean that they can not win. Constantly replenish their combat supplies, and spend it wisely, pursue the enemy in the maze.

Strategicheskie object necessarily protected, and it is necessary to come up with a way to remove an ambush to go further. Sometimes you can remove the post from long positions aimed shot sniper, but if the situation requires it, resort to tricks in order to more effectively cope with the task, and not to waste valuable ammunition arsenal.

Game Raze 3 is a continuation of violent conflict between the human race and an alien. For many levels will have to carry out tasks, pumping their soldiers, so that it can adequately reflect enemy attacks. As the game Raise 2, sequel to the battle continues to increase conflict. The situation is more complex, the aggressor becomes stronger, received reinforcements in the form of equipment and manpower.
One day came a critical point, when the native world was completely destroyed, and the people had to go in search of another planet to begin a new life. Trouble continued to pursue them, so do not shroud it useful weapon – times.

Continued conflict


Raze games Game Raze to cheat will get the job adequately.

Igra Raze 1 mark the beginning of the adventure of the human race in survival conditions.

  • mouse to aim and shoot
  • WASD / arrows – begaem
  • Probel – prygaem
  • E / Q or Enter / Shift – selection of weapons previous / sleduyuschee

  • Tsifry types oruzhiya
  • Ctrl or F – the use sposobnostey
  • R or Esc – pauza


No one can predict what the outcome of the conflict, which involved not only the people and aliens, robots and monsters. Everyone has their own interest, and the forces are constantly replenished, and you too should follow the example of the enemy, accumulating military power.

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