Wake Up the Box games

Wake Up the Box games

Logic Free online game Wake box with an unusual offer to play the hero and an extraordinary story. You will have a difficult task - not to give a cardboard character to float away in a cozy dream embrace. The levels of each series start with a picture of when the boxes again dozing on a perch unstable structure. It is necessary to disturb this balance, so that the character fell down and woke up. Draw the contours of their own plain figures and use ready-made objects: the wheels, sticks, logs, to attach them to the objects on the playing field, and to find solutions to your many attempts.
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Game wake box: the logic of surprise

Wake Up the Box games World logic toys difficult but amazing. Authors of scenarios are in constant search of new characters and plots. Solving puzzles, players passing someone save, searching for something and connect. Once born the idea to make the main character of the box, and all she does is constantly sleeping. After thinking over the idea, it was decided to translate it so there were games wake up the box.

Tema not quite normal, because the hero is nothing special deals, but only demonstrates the catastrophic, chronic lack of sleep. To wander so, we must not sleep for a long time and do something really active. But during the game we will not be with the hero-box to travel, run and jump, build, or what he was doing there all day. Our objectives are to Wake-Up box, wherever dumped her sleep.

  • Izuchite obstanovku
  • Primenite available subject to konstruktsii
  • Dobudte desired shape predmet
  • Pereigryvayte unsuccessful raundy
  • Prohodite urovni

Sonnye priklyucheniya

Igra wake box 4 is one of a series of extremely sleepy toy box. Why does she always sleeps, no one knows. Perhaps this is the natural state of all cardboard items, and someone saw it and decided to wake up, to learn first-hand, what is connected with the problem of sleeping.

Wake Up the Box games Wake Up the Box games Obtain can be one way to drop a hero or a good thing to push it. Only boxes must fall from his perch, otherwise nothing. If it's just a little touch, it slightly open eyes, look at the world of cloudy eyes, sweet zevnёt, and again plunge into the dream. Only a feeling that does fall, the box finally come to his senses. , It is no wonder toys relate to a logical order to achieve this, it is necessary to smash his head. For example, in the fourth part should be cut geometric shapes, following the contours of objects or repeating the outlines on the bricks, wheels and others.

Pohozhy action demonstrates the principle of the game wake up the box 5, and in the upper right corner of the screen are three brushes: round, straight lines, chaotic pattern. Each job after studying the situation, choose one of them to draw the desired size and shape of the object, which will fall, roll or bounce to destroy roosting hero or knock it down.

Sleep, sweet sleep... Only about him dreaming character game box 3 Waken another attempt to bring him back to reality. The problem of the hero is too far gone, and he goes to sleep, even on formal occasions. To avoid confusion, it is necessary to look again awakening path.
Use any materials at hand boards, logs, wheels and so on, to hastily construct a counterweight or lever that can be effectively used. Training game will wake up the box 2, where the job is only gaining momentum complexity. Connect the available items that they may lead to a desired result.

Ispytanie all pokoleniy

Predstavlennye games wake box classic example of logical fun, equally interesting and useful for all ages. It's a real challenge to your ingenuity, and a matter of honor to take and pass the job adequately.
Not all levels will perform properly once, and this provided an opportunity to re-pass. Restart the current stage can be endlessly, until you find the correct solution to the problem.
Great idea became original game version brainteasers on ingenuity. Games wake quickly carry away the box, and failure only spur find the right solution, so you glorious victories.

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