3 Pandas games

3 Pandas games

Online Game Three Pandas free invite to play with a fun trio of black and white bears. They love to travel, and with them you will visit different countries, and even in a fantasy world inhabited by fantastic beings: dwarves, wizards, elves and other amazing inhabitants of the country. Adventure never go smoothly, and the characters are constantly fall into the trap, or a difficult situation. Your help will be useful to find a logical right decision. Give each team panda, and if your guess is correct, friends made ​​the right decision at each level to move on to the new tasks.
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Three Pandas games online Game Three Pandas: adventure logika

Prirodu not for nothing called the mysterious – of its variety of species of animals and plants is astonishing. If you notice, what irreconcilability dangerous predator, so it has a creepy look that warns us that this fellow to be trifled with. On the other hand if we face – lovely creature, ready to make friends, and his appearance, as a rule, does not inspire fear. We provide familiarity with the characters of the game three pandas, who, though residents of wildlife, due to curiosity and good nature, often approaching close to the man.
If you love animals, especially of cute and fluffy, you will enjoy the game in three panda to play online, including the main place is occupied by the fascinating Action.

  • Izuchayte obstanovku
  • Prinimayte logical resheniya
  • Sovershayte alternate deystviya
  • Doberites the door to the next uroven
  • Provedite trinity through priklyucheniya

Kuda skidded mishek

Nam lucky that pandas are cute, inquisitive and are not aggressive. They do not hurt, if they do not tease or hurt, otherwise wait on any date. Do not forget that this is a wild beast that was born with fangs and claws.
Some games three pandas online lead you home – heroes in China, and you will plunge into the atmosphere with ethnic elements. But because they are big fans of travel, you are also waiting for Brazil and Japan, and has the most amazing country – Fantasy. Heroes happen to be among the magicians, dwarves, fairies, unicorns and other fabulous creatures, but did not regret it.
Just imagine how many discoveries to be done by going on the roads of the ordinary world. But to see the sights, we must take the time to perform at each site their actions, and then opens a new path. Help pandas to remove all obstacles from the road, jump over dangerous areas, to find a way to cross the river and other obstacles.
Acting logically passing game 3 pandas you will find the creative process, and always will be, when the characters are in a new situation. Do not do without the dangerous moments. When pandas will get to Japan, they do not just have to save your life. Once they get out of an overhead network and help the gardener to collect apples, a sushi bar meets their shooting gangs.
Less macabre adventures will be in Brazil but on a remote island pandas again await trial – meeting with the natives and survival in the wild, strange nature. How well the events will develop, and whether the heroes overcome all the difficulties with dignity depends on your decisive action.

Esche games pandami

Three Pandas games online Three Pandas games online Any traveler needs a break to gain strength and get stronger for the next feat. Games online three panda offer to play in the culinary theme in different interpretations.
Our pandas like to eat, but in a way they have not been able to eat their fill. Now is the time to make up for it, regaling candy and sweetness to the next hit in the mouth of the character, it is necessary to cut the thread on which it hangs.
In another toy to work in the cafe, where the guys settled waiters. One bear greets visitors at the entrance and seated at tables, the second carries the ordered meal, the third collects left a tip. Teamwork brings great profit, which you will soon be able to buy new equipment and to diversify the menu. Have time to serve all the hungry customers, and get paid to clean up the debris that remains after them, for which you are awarded extra bonus money.

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