Mad Max Fury Road games

Mad Max Fury Road games

You can simultaneously participate in the races, and practice shooting at live targets. Boys are invited to play free online games Mad Max Fury Road, where it is easy to feel the drive from the chaos that is taking on the road. Make your car the most heaped up, equipping impenetrable armor and better weapons. Baste in the way of anyone who sends you to the barrel, and then there will be a chance to get to the finish with a good supply of useful bonuses, which can be applied to private cars. Destroy the pursuers in the air and on the ground, his hand on the gun button.
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Mad Max Fury Road games for boy

Mad Max Fury Road games Mad Max Fury Road games Most boys loves Adventure, and are pleased to the release of new films, and then the games based on them. Always exciting to follow the dynamics of events and how the hero get out of desperate situations. The main condition of any thriller against crowds of enemies should serve only one goodie. Other characters and services can indirectly help him in minor points, but the main work is done by a leading character.
In 2015, came the US-Australian thriller, in which we now offer games Mad Max Fury Road. One day, Max goes into the wilderness to wander the wasteland in solitude, trying to escape from the ghosts of the past. However, later he joined the Army rebels who stole Joe nonmortal something valuable, escaped from the Citadel, and are now trying to escape. Joe from such impudence was furious, and sent an army to capture the fugitives, wanted to punish insolent. The road on which pursue the rebels, became a road rage. You are surrounded by many enemies with whom the hero to fight. Max quite a tough guy, and in the wilderness traveling by car with a machine gun on the roof. He is ready to meet the enemy at any time, and smartly shoots motorcyclists, car drivers with jetpacks, and even helicopters.
each killed enemy brings Max monetary compensation, and for the resulting currency after each level it can improve your vehicle.
Mad Max Fury Road games You have five tabs, and each with three cars to be pumped. To save money, you can buy:

  • Pulemet
  • Raketnaya ustanovka
  • Radar
  • Volnovoy izluchatel
  • Lazernaya pushka
  • Minomet
  • Garpun
  • Antenna
  • Energetichesky schit
  • Legkovye avtomobili

Bolshe rage, more madness!

  • Bystrye pikapy
  • Nadezhnye broneviki
  • Boevye avtobusy
  • Moschnye gruzoviki

Na each worth spinner with different kinds of military equipment:

Na theme of the game Mad Max Fury Road created several games with different subjects, but it is always a race with gunfights and stunts. You can take part in competitions, where it is important to make every springboard backflip, trying to make more revolutions to gain valuable on landing acceleration.
The plot of the second part of the game Mad Max Fury Road is set in the post-nuclear world. The hero arrives in a dilapidated, neglected town, and then he was waiting for new enemies. Toy has become even more beautiful and richer, new features and a fantastic weapon. To arm the car, it is necessary to earn money, so get ready for a serious firefight.
You have a dangerous journey in which it is difficult even to survive professional. Games Mad Max Fury Road throughout the process kept the passions, dynamics, throw up serious obstacles, high jumps, dangerous enemies. With all we need to understand who carry in chips, who beat, but the important thing is to survive. Equip your wheelbarrow best snap, so it withstood the fall, collision, falling projectiles and itself could cause serious damage to many enemies during the passage.

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