Traffic Slam games

Traffic Slam games

Use 30 seconds to free allocate the level of online games Traffic Slam, the most destructive. Start playing in this unbridled fun, and arrange with the most powerful PCB destruction on the road. Choose large groups of machines, and with the acceleration in the fly in them, taking the dynamite. Your car also will suffer, and it can be repaired or buy a new one after the mission. Destroy bridges, parking lots, gas stations, collecting points to go to the next level and collect more artifacts on the road to get more seconds on the passage, and the acceleration of a powerful explosion.
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Traffic Slam games: chaos on doroge

Obychnye race compared with the theme of the game Traffic Slam look simple and safe. If you are looking for sensations witty, remain in this category, and get ready to vandalize, breaking every imaginable rule on the roadway.
You can not turn into the offending traffic rules, which is stubbornly going through a red light, do not miss pedestrians on the"zebra", exceeds the speed limit in places, and mad drivers without brakes.
Game Traffic Slam is a crazy race through the city, where the main task of destruction. The more you have it to lose cars, smash parks, bridges, parking lots, gas stations, and other facilities, the better. As you earn points and money to further improve your wheelbarrow or buy a new one.

Pokazhi its bezumie

Traffic Slam games On the road, you will spend only 30 seconds, but it will be enough, in order to make mischief. Embedded with the acceleration in the cars, and get the next batch of points, and if we can blow up the truck you just ass madness! Admire burning cars remains pleasant, but hurry, because time is ticking. Do not stop on the achieved results, look out for a new victim, and rotate the wheel to the car.
All games Traffic Slam controlled equally by the arrows, but in each series has its own additional keys, so read the manual before gameplay should carefully.
In addition to the various destructions longer need to collect all sorts of bonuses that will be valuable:

  • Uvelichat stay on trasse
  • Uvelichat blast radius vokrug
  • objects
  • Monetki useful currency for purchases of specific items to upgrade the car, in order to strengthen his armor, to increase the destructive capacity, increase the speed, and other important funktsii

Samy faithful and quickest way to improve a vehicle to pass the mission. The choice becomes more diverse as it passes, and to reduce destruction task certain number of different objects.
The benefit of such missions and the preparation of game points, but if you have time to find and get the bonus icons"x2"and"x4", points earned will double or quadruple time.

Naraschivaem indicators razrusheniy

Traffic Slam games Traffic Slam games Complete all series of the game Traffic Slam to feel the growing strength of its cars. Embedded in buses, trucks, passenger cars, becoming a legend frenzy driver who violates the suburban idyll measured life. Already in the first part can be used elements of nitro to accelerate your car instantly. To enhance the effect, use the springboard and well dispersed, with its height of rush to where the accumulated a lot of cars in particular. But if the brawl, so to pick up courage dynamite on the road entering the crowd of cars and press the D, to explode with the other.
In the continuation of the game Traffic Slam will be mined building, and once you find the detonator as metropolitan life would be in your hands. The truth is not a long time, because you will surely take advantage of the right to demolition, and press the button sacred, swept in air parking, offices, supermarkets. Driving around on a brand new sports car, collect useful bonuses. After the job machine badly damaged it can be repaired or buy a new one.
Plot of the third part of the game Traffic Slam supplemented by new vehicles. In addition to passenger cars, you can buy:

  • Gruzovuyu mashinu
  • Shkolny avtobus
  • Bigfut
  • Samolet
  • Tank

Grafika now even nicer, becoming the volume, and the new job opportunities and improve again heated insatiable appetite racers, extreme.

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