Georganism games

Georganism games

Residents fabulous island could develop the incredible talent and the ability to combine them, merging organisms. Welcome to the online game Georganizm play for free and experience it personally. Move under water, climb through tunnels, jump and destroy partitions vibration, and when necessary - connect the characters in one being, and let it take some distance in this way until they have accomplished their mission, and then can be separated. You will be a long, wonderful adventure, which require logic to overcome obstacles.
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Georganism  games in the far ostrove

Georganism games On the map there are still unexplored places, and we can only guess whether there is land and what creatures live in it. The recently discovered tiny island with creatures resembling multi-colored pieces of jelly. Each islander has a unique talent, and when there is a need to combine the skills of the two pieces of jelly becomes one, while maintaining the ability of both representatives.
We have tried to enter into contact with him, and explore them, and put the results of developments in the game Georganizm. It turned out that a small population of the island, and the island itself is small. Gelatinous organisms live by their own rules, worship deities and idols built. When it comes to holiday time, they arrange a competition with obstacles.
All the inhabitants of the islands are divided into teams of three, and embark on a race track, who quickly overcome the distance to the finish line. The path is divided into segments, which are placed at equal intervals of the race, in which it is necessary to strike. After falling in the first part of the game Georganizm help heroes worthy to pass a line, using every talent, joining them at the right time and disconnecting when the need arises again. And in order to do it right, remember the principle of management:

  • Peremeschatsya backward / forward for all the characters in the left / vpravo
  • Prygat blue arrow hero vverh
  • Krasny hero floats and managed all four strelkami
  • Dlya switch between the characters use the Tab / probel
  • Sovmeschaem heroes Enter
  • button

Oderzhimost in pochete

Georganism games Georganism games Connecting bodies and consciousness in the order of things in jelly characters Georganizm games. One vibration can break the stones, another great dive, the third boat floats and glides over the surface, getting into tight spaces.
Sometimes, it is necessary to get to the depths of the sea subject, which huddled in a narrow crevice and then useful capacity of two islanders.
Walking route, they encounter obstacles, but together can overcome the difficulties of any complexity. Switch between the characters at some point, in order to continue to flow from his face. Connect the logic while playing Georganizm, and you'll know when and who will be particularly useful, and what is necessary to combine the talents.

Vo glory bogov

Vtoraya Georganizm part of the game is related to the accident in the middle of the island for a long time awake slumbering volcano. Lava and was accompanied by an earthquake, after which many areas of land submerged under water. In the few areas of the earth gathered the surviving islanders, and the forum have developed a plan of action.
Since the elements govern the gods, it is necessary to appease them. To do this, visit all the statues of the gods on the island, and decorate them with bright colors. Representatives of the three groups were selected for the important mission and heroes back a long way, full of dangers. Use the skills of each, connect them together and disconnect, switch between jelly, to send them forward.
The next step is the third series of the game Georganizm in which life is getting better again. Gods like the way they painted totems, and they picked up from the bottom of the island. But as the rest of the territory is still under water, continue to placate Airbender. Now the heroes have to go the same way, and put on each statue a wreath of flowers. First, they need to collect along the way, bouncing on the rocks up from the spring; diving to a depth; destroying blocks; penetrating into crevices. Look for new ways to pass, and perform an important task with the island residents.

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