Potty racers games

Potty racers games

You are waiting for an unusual race with a familiar person - stamenov. In Syria, online games Potty racers develops a new racing career, but as a basis for vehicles chooses a toilet cubicle. What inspired hero to such an extraordinary decision, he does not say, and here to play for free invites everyone. In his imagination he casts wheel toilet, pushes forward, giving the acceleration, and trying to put the record his racing vehicle. Next, using different parts, it makes the toilet cabin in a jet and rocket, becoming their pilot.
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Rides Games to Potty: funny race

Potty racers games can be called the most ancient Among computer racing games. It all started with a rather noble – cars and passenger cars. When the level of computer technology has allowed, there was diversity, and in high-speed competition began to take part of the tractor, trucks, trains, buses, cars from the animated cartoons. But the game Rides with Potty surpassed by the original approach other products.

Predstavlennye toys can be taken only with humor, because the hero has chosen his vehicle cabin toilet. Removing too much of it the interior, he constantly modifies the body to give the entire design acceleration.

Modifitsiruem kabinu

Vnachale he attached a simple wheel, which found in a landfill, and then began to push tualetomobil the mountain, to speed it up. Reaching the edge of the cliff, Potty needs to quickly jump into the cockpit and fly a certain distance, and then drive the rest of the way to the wheels. This is the idea of ​​the game Potty racers, but simplicity does not detract from the excitement.

Udivitelno how contagious can be a casual game containing a few simple manipulations. Each series continues the adventures of the hero, who decided to devote himself to the races on the toilet booth. Slowly he opened the new location with the task to overcome a certain distance. Initially, this 1000 meters, on longer. To get a good acceleration, put on a booth large wheels, and gradually improves its other additions.

  • Potty racers games Overcome different rasstoyaniya
  • Zarabatyvayte dengi
  • Moderniziruyte transport sredstvo
  • Vypolnite all kvesty

Chem longer distance can be overcome, the more will earn game currency, which it is useful to spend on various urgent improvement. More profit comes from performing tricks, but this is still far away. But to pass each level, you have up to seven attempts. Arrows attach booth acceleration, and at the time of the jump from a springboard engage the up arrow. It is important to maintain a balance and land on the wheel, to increase the chance of success of the game Rides with Potty.

Evolyutsiya transport sredstva

Skoro Potty bothered to roll on the ground, and he began to stare at the sky. Why not make the plane? – think the hero, and began to move toward the dream. The second part of the game Potty racers interesting first because of the appeared variety of parts. But for a long time Potty will make money on tualetomobile, each time falling in the middle of the way to the lake, so the next time to buy a more powerful engine, and fly without wings a little more, earning more money.
Potty racers games At some point it will have enough finance to buy:

  • Propeller with engine samoleta
  • Krylya
  • Bak for topliva
  • Hvost

Kogda be able to hold on to the ground and will travel a given distance, received a standing ovation and a scattering of tinsel. Now you are ready for the third part of the game Rides with Potty, where the control process has become much more difficult.
Now the hero must hold the toilet in the air, trying to catch the fireballs and stars. Fire helps to keep the car in the air and gives the acceleration, and the stars are the reward. The flight you have, the more earn money to build a jet plane.
In the fourth series of the game Potty racers with the hero you go into space. It seems Pokka managed to turn an old toilet into something decent. Use earned money to build a missile launcher, which will take you to the stars, beyond which there is nothing, and we can assume that the goal is reached.

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