Sonny with a Chance games

Sonny with a Chance games

Youth series often form the basis of computer products. Free online games Sonny with a Chance, too, were created in a similar way. Now the girls the perfect opportunity to play with the characters stories, helping with assignments. You will see competition Sonny and Chad Cooper, who seek to promote their television show, and for this purpose are tangled maze with obstacles. You can also connect to other guys Action: Tony Hart, Zora Lanaster, Nico and Grady Mitchell Haris. They are teenagers, and are in constant motion, so it will not be bored.
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Igry Sonny with a Chance with idols seriala

Sonny with a Chance games Sonny with a Chance games Why youth series and transferring such popular? They represent the life of teenagers, a bit exaggerating it, beat the problem and offer solutions, but most importantly – carry dreams. In fact, many are themselves well-known, successful, popular, but do not know how to translate the fantasy into reality. In the series, teens become so, and it gives hope and sometimes confidence that this is possible, we just have to get lucky by the tail, but do not forget to make their own efforts, moving toward the goal.

Sonny with a Chance

Igry created based on the plot of the series, and it tells the story of a girl who has long cherished dream to become an actress, and she presented a chance, when she was invited to sketch show «Kak popalo». It was noticed thanks to its sense of humor and acting according to that she used to get out of the difficult life woes.

But only at first it seems like a dream come true and we can rest on our laurels. Sunny became a co-host of the show, which from the outset is Tony Hart, and she genuinely perplexed, angry over the rival, not understanding why it was necessary to invite her.

Sunny to prove that it is a valuable asset, and that it will only benefit TV show. But this is not an easy task, especially when all of a sudden fall in love with a competitor over the air. Chad Cooper starred in"Mackenzie Falls"– drama series, which is fighting for the top, along with the transfer of Toni and now Sonny. But because the sympathy between the heroine and the young men are mutual, it becomes a little easier, although it is necessary to keep it a secret.
Gradually Tony and Sonny Chad become friends, and their daily issues, challenges and competition highlights not only the series, but the game Give Sonny a chance.

Geroi game Sonny shans

  • Sonny with a Chance games – Alison Monroe (Sunny), a leading game character Sonny with a Chance. A good, honest girl from Wisconsin. Fair and does not like to disappoint loved ones. It began to appear on the show"So Random! "Tony is constantly competing with, and with the first meeting, falling in love with Chad.  
  • – Tony Hart host of"So Random! ". Constantly worried about your appearance, and competes with Sunny. She understands that her co-host will captivate with its surrounding nature, and it is in her jealousy. But once they got herself under the spell, and since then they are best friends.
  • Grady Mitchell
  • – in the team,"So Random! ". Nick 's friend, a lover of food, but lazy in terms of physical activity. He claims that lip reading specialist, he just comes up with nonsensical quotes.
  • – Nick Harris also of"So Random! Friends with Grady and I am sure that the girls adore him, though greatly mistaken.
  • – Zora Lancaster also belongs to the team,"So Random! ". She was 11 years old, but she's a real weasel. Cunning, clever, mysterious, with a talent for detective.
  • Chad Dylan Cooper
  • – Leading in a competing show"Mackenzie Falls". This handsome and heartthrob. Not immediately recognizes his love for Sunny, so that they began to meet later.

Igrovoe napolnenie

Vse these characters are present in the story of the game Sonny with a Chance, and Adventure, you can choose one of them to control. Walk the path in a maze, picking up the golden camera, sunglasses, a pendant and a diamond ring. Hero can not meet with the competitors, so they did not run in the face cake, stirring to get to places on time, and to be photographed for the main cover of the popular magazine.
More games Sonny with a Chance cooked you dress up and puzzles, where the heroine is necessary to change outfits in which she will perform on stage in front of a huge audience.

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