Maze games

Maze games

Wandering through the streets of an unfamiliar city, it is easy to get lost, get lost. It resembles a maze, the output of which is constantly slipping away. To learn how to navigate in space and to develop intuition, you useful free online games Labyrinths. You can play as the hero of the cartoon or manage certain object, smiley, pakmenom. Along the way, it is necessary to fulfill the terms of toys – Collect items, run away from monsters. If this is Little Red Riding Hood, her hunts gray volchische Jack Sparrow seeks to find pirate treasure, and the astronaut is looking for the path to his galaxy.

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Such different mazes – dangerous and entertainment

Maze games online Games mazes – This game, in which we must find a way out of the tangled corridors or areas of open space. Such structures are known since ancient times and have been very popular in Greece and Rome. They served to confuse the person and not allow him to leave the area. Only dedicated could not find the way to liberation from this trap. They also served as a kind of test, and everyone knows the legend of the Cretan labyrinth in which the Minotaur lived – poluchelovek, polubyk. Sometimes, too, palaces and castles built so that its intertwining halls, corridors, niches and secret passages remind maze. But in the palaces of the Middle Ages, they gave an entertaining direction for the amusement of guests. In the garden bushes were planted so that the track between them all the time turned and taken away in an unknown direction, and the green spaces themselves were above the man's head, not allowing him to look up and navigate in space. If space allows, labyrinths do more sinuous, with lots of corridors. But most of them were small and allow easy passage of a few minutes. Naturally, to get lost for a long time in these trails was impossible, but it all depended on a person's ability to navigate in space.

A series of virtual mazes

Maze games online Many of the toys used to the idea of ​​the labyrinth passage of additional jobs, but the true worshipers direction satisfy his passion for logic puzzles, playing in the stand-alone version.

Games mazes are made in different genres.

  • There are three-dimensional images;
  • The flat;
  • Embodiments of immersion in the corridors when the player sees only the area inside the labyrinth;
  • Such a field which is observed from the top, making it easier.

Maze games online Look beautiful mazes where the player if flying through the corridors of the plasma. They play in different colors, expanded to unexpectedly narrowed again, always unexpected twists and turns, and speed can be adjusted independently, zipping them inside as the Milky Way. Think Bomberman game – it is also a variant of the maze with the condition of undermining the walls. The character should be sent through the corridors, to escape from the monsters, collect the bonus items to blow up the walls and discover new passages. On the basis of this idea, it created a lot of different versions, and the labyrinth may look like a hedge of bushes, fence-paling and other options. Another kind of labyrinth – time to find a way out of the closed space and not fall into the trap. The situation around is almost always identical and realize you've been there or not, is very difficult. Sometimes we have to circle in the same place several times, all the time, returning to the starting point. The next version of the game maze – War Tanchico. Wandering on the combat vehicle barriers between different materials, it is possible not only to attack the enemy unexpectedly and quickly hide in case of attack. And the opportunity to make its further moves, especially pleases.

such a fun lovers will be able to look for ways to reunite with loved ones, to help the bees to collect pollen, the mouse will make their way into the cheese holes, and the ant moving along the corridors of the huge city underground. City streets also sometimes so confused that resemble the interweaving corridors of the labyrinth, and in order to escape from the Titanic, and it is necessary to navigate to reach the saving boat before giant will sink.

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