Crash and Bernstein games

Crash and Bernstein games

Boy Wyatt did not expect that the toy made ​​them come to life. Now the family Bernstein completion - in addition to the mother of Wyatt and his sisters: Cleo and Amanda, the house settled purple creature Crash. Do you want to meet him better? Start playing free online games Crash and Bernstein, and learn that it is the most unruly doll that you can imagine. It prevents all members of the household, vstrevaya in their affairs, breaking things and throwing things. Among the jobs there are, where you have to help the bully to knock down as many objects, to arrange a war room and the kitchen to pose as a ninja.
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Igry Crash and Bernstein: continuous bezobrazie

Crash and Bernstein games Do you like what is happening in the themes of the game Crash and Bernstein, because they are created based on the prototype – series about a teenager who needed the support of men, and got mad soft doll.

American TV series of 24 episodes for the first time came out in 2012 And there is speculation that the extension will be removed. And yet we know that the leading character – Wyatt, and it is unclear how it was possible to create a living doll. If you think about events in common with the history of Victor Frankenstein monster assembled from parts that come to life thanks to the lightning.

frond also collected his toy from different parts, but does not think she will be a part of his family. It happened on the day of birth, when the boy turned twelve. Since then, the life of the young man and his family have not been the same. It has become more noisy, unpredictable, dangerous, but found the bright colors of emotions that reflect and play Crash and Bernstein.

Znakomimsya with geroyami

  • Crash and Bernstein games – Wyatt twelve teenager who always wanted to have an older brother or father. Neither one nor the other Wyatt had, but once in the store,"make another himself"assembled from parts doll, which then came to life. the young man himself loves sports: rock climbing, snowboarding, baseball, and even the owner of the club on a snowboard.
  • Crash
  • – rag doll, which created Wyatt. He's purple, clumsy and Shaggy. It has exuberant nature, and behaves like a real bully. All the time something throws, breaks, knocks, climbs into the family business. His favorite pastime – afraid to fight, to run without interruption. But this unbridled temper character makes it attractive.  
  • Amanda – Wyatt 's older sister, who wishes to remain in itself, does not pay his brother, sisters, and love with her motley attention.
  • – Cleo another sister Wyatt.
  • – Jasmine 's younger sister. She has a doll, which fell Crash.
  • – Motley each Crash and Wyatt, in love with Samantha, works in the center of ARCADE entertainment.

It's time to start playing

Crash and Bernstein games Games Crash and Bernstein no less fun than the TV series. It makes them as purple doll bully. Thanks to her, you can indulge in all serious, destroy, destroy and do anything you want. Imagine how much adventure is waiting for you, if you linger in the category until you pass all of its games.
Begin playing with the crash, and do not be afraid of the consequences. From boy he arranged a competition, who will pass all the rounds of the competition, and will be the winner. Choose a hero Wyatt – or doll, and start to act after the reference.
defeat of the castle objects that fall into your hands: balls, rubber chicken, broccoli, sandwiches. Space to adjust the force of the throw, guided by a lateral scale, and then release the key. The stronger the damage, the more points. Next new game testing Crash and Bernstein – jogging kicking with the same objects that were previously thrown. Try less to pass objects to collect more bonuses. Next, try to throw the ball, and other items into the basket, which is constantly moving.
face you and with how the game Doll Crash and Bernstein destroys the furniture in the room Cleo. During Have time to break down all the chairs, sofas, armchairs and cabinets to annoy Wyatt sister. Another time the boys terribly hungry and decided to cook sandwiches. What could be simpler? But it turned out to cut products too should be able to. They waved a knife, like a true ninja, trying to chop tomatoes, meat, onions and other products with a single blow. Help them to satisfy your hunger, preparing the ingredients.

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