Kitchen games

Kitchen games

The variety of options the game online Kitchen presents free, allowing you to play in a business version of the fun or to study recipes. It seems that these toys come from a pleasant aroma of cooking. They beckon, delight, promise goodies. This virtual teachers who do not skimp on lessons. If you will diligently fulfill the terms of the tasks themselves will soon teach older sister or mom innovations, diversify the daily menu, than certainly surprise home. Challenge yourself in the role of cooks, waitresses or business woman, opening a cafe with lush baking.

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Games Kitchen – Yum

Kitchen games for girls People have come up with many different dishes, and cookbooks offering recipes, share them on the national. Each country has its own spice, a set of ingredients and traditions of the meal. Games Kitchen acquainted with the most delicious and light meals, and prepare them for fun with the famous heroes of cartoons, comics and characters born in the virtual space. Once you learn the traditional holiday dishes that are served at Christmas, meet Halloween, Patrick's, name.

School for young chefs

Independent experiments on home kitchen mother is not welcome, but our games for girls kitchen are very safe. Here you can use the stove and not be afraid to start a fire. We have nothing foothills and does not boil, as an experienced mentor keeps everything under control and will remind that it's time to close the fire, take the tack and remove pan from heat. Our knives are sharp, but you can not slice the finger, or scalded with boiling water.

The virtual cooking – most creative and safe, so choose any fun to be creative and start with the characters:


  • Sponge Bob;
  • Pope Louis;
  • Tom and Jerry;
  • Poe;
  • Mickey Mouse;
  • Barbie;
  • Talking cat Tom;
  • Scooby Doo;
  • Sofia,
  • Monster High.

Kitchen games for girls There are many more characters in fairy tales come to this column to share with you a learned skill. They are happy to share their own recipes, directing your manipulation. With them you will bake and cook, fry and simmer while preparing:


  • Sweet baking;
  • Fruit and vegetable salads;
  • The first and second dishes;
  • Drinks and light desserts.

You can easily find a favorite dish here and its variants to learn all the stages of its preparation. Cooking games contain elements of quest, and at first look for utensils and ingredients of which have to work a miracle. Search the cupboards and tables, look in the pantry and refrigerator, check the tables. When the required items are found, you can begin to master. Beat cream, sliced ​​vitamins, cook sauces, put food on the pan or pot, to submit the dough in the oven.

As to bring everything to a ready state, this is half the battle, it is still a beautiful lodge that the food looked appetizing. It also teaches you a virtual chef, showing an arrow procedures.

Scene options

Kitchen games for girls A meeting with your favorite characters and a culinary process, that's interesting, but we offer a variety of genres. You can not only cook, but also to become a businessman, opened his own restaurant, the dining room or cafeteria. And if you want, work as a waiter, carrying a plate with a dish to visitors, taking charge and taking away the audience.

All the games can be divided into topics:


  • Cooking;
  • Business Development;
  • Customer Service.

Try yourself in different roles, where each has its own peculiarities and nuances. You can even participate in a contest of chefs who are better, faster and more beautiful cook a certain dish. Competitors can build intrigues you, interfere with the process so that you lose. To even the odds, you too are allowed to do likewise.

In order to prepare the holidays especially interesting dishes. From the usual sausages and ketchup can be bloody fingers for Halloween, Christmas glaze paint men and herringbone shortcrust pastry.

You can be outside the walls, and barbequing on the nature or work in the snack bar on the beach. There are a lot of colorful fruit cocktails, ice cream, snacks. Serve this delicious variety of color, pouring drinks into glasses and decorate slices of lime, kiwi, pineapple and cherry.

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