Noddy games

Noddy games

Cute gnome decided to move into the world of people, and now you can free to play the game Noddy online. It is fun for kids who do not get tired amazed and ready to learn. What companion like Noddy, they will be interested to carry out tasks, training their skills. No one can remain indifferent to the coloring, where you have to choose the color and fill in the gaps between them pattern contours. Sorting tiles, get each his place until all the elements snap to places, and do not acquire the color illustration. With the gnome you have to learn the English alphabet, and it is interesting tutorial.
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Noddy games online Somewhere someone invent stories and characters that come to life as soon as become public. A long time ago, in 1949, the author Enid Blyton in one of his children's books created will become toys and charming, curious boy Noddy. In the picture it looks soft doll, which differ from the present character of the animated series and the Noddy game.

Vpervye book story was adapted for television in 1975, and the American- Canadian animated series in 2001 won the"Emmy", and has become quite popular in the United States, France, England and Germany. Later cinematic product appeared on our territory, which was continued in the form of the game Noddy. The children happily accepted the new friends with whom you can go on an adventure, learn something interesting new at the same time gently succumbing educational effect.

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Noddy games online Meet the cute boy in a blue cap, in which the swinging and melodic bell rings. He lives in the world of toys, and his friends also dolls.

  • Noddi
  • Gnom Large ushi
  • Pes Bampi
  • Mishutka Tessi
  • Mister Plod
  • Gobo and Sly – gobliny

Noddi – cute, kind, sympathetic and curious boy. He drives a car and is able to control the yellow planes. His life resembles a continuous adventure, and he was glad to constantly learn something new and amazing, especially when a number of his friends.

Kak and cartoon Noddy games designed for preschool age players, so the job correspond to the younger group, and not overloaded with complex tasks. The number of levels also in the normal range, so as not to tire the kids above the norm. Toys are no less curious and talented than children play with each other scenes, solving math problems, learning the alphabet and performing logical tasks. Doing this together in a playful way more fun than cram a textbook, and our characters have learned a long time ago. Now they had come to offer the game Noddy, where each game will be a useful and fun at the same time a lesson.

Tolko imagine how interesting folding puzzles, to eventually see the full picture, where you will be greeted with smiles clockwork cars, soft toys, wooden dolls, gnomes and talking animals. In our category puzzles seem more understandable to kids form – in the form of squares that need to be put on the site in the right place. The picture is visible with muted tones and squares appear one after each pressing the red button. When you find next to the square of its location, click it to display the next fragment.

Takih stories puzzles have a lot, and you have to collect each to play around with Noddy and his dog Bumpy, look to visit the dwarf Bolsheuhu, greet all the inhabitants of the country's toy. You will like to go through several stages of the game Noddy on search forms that are hidden in the picture, and then offers three levels of difficulty in learning the English alphabet along with the characters. Well, and finally paint the few pictures with Noddy, his favorite doggie Bumpy and others amazing story that will charm, giving positive emotions.

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