House of Anubis games

House of Anubis games

Discovering free online game House of Anubis, you find yourself in the English boarding school for privileged teenagers. Try to be in the quests with the leading characters: Nina and Fabian, Amber, Mick, Mara and Alfie. Since the school is large, it is learning a lot of kids, and they also appear in some of the game story. Where teens there secrets and stories, so the intrigue - a natural part of all the fun offered to you. Get ready to find out what is fraught with mysterious map that scary at night, Nina, and how to get out of the room, using found objects in his passing.
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Misticheskie game Resident Anubisa

House of Anubis games Mysteries, mysteries, the unknown and frightening excites the interest of teenagers. They love the old legends from the curse of the history of ancient castles, which are absorbed into the stone walls, and still keep the terrible unsolved mysteries. In the darkest dungeons of rattling chains, and a disembodied wailing spirits creaking floorboards rotted floor. These souls do not find peace until you tell someone your story, and do not receive forgiveness.

V England you can find many old castles, which are mysterious rumors go, and where ghosts live to this day. Who, if not the British studio, albeit in conjunction with the US, to remove the mystical stories like the one that has found a continuation of the themes of the game House of Anubis.


The mystery of the old school

"School of Anubis"is considered to be the elite of the English school with a long tradition. But in any such institution, it has its"skeletons in the closet", and several students will have to take them to the light. Once out of school disappears pupil – Joy Mercer, and quite mysteriously disappears. And when in its place comes the brand new – Nina Martin, a friend of Joey, Patricia Williamson, begins to suspect that Nina involved in the girl's disappearance.

Podderzhku and subsequently love Nina is represented by Fabian Rutter, with whom she will investigate the secretive old-school. Students are puzzled question, who or what is to blame for the disappearance of Joy, and this is the main theme of the first part of the series.

The series has three seasons, and is not expected to continue. In the second season of teenagers are sent to the labyrinth, which is located under the house to find the mask of Anubis. On their share falls many tests, and they have to be saved from the curse, which imposes Anubis label, as well as the mysterious Sankharas.

House of Anubis games third season poses a new challenge – heroes to remove from Robert Frobisher - Smythe's curse, he is also a well-known archaeologist and at the same time the founder of their school. Teens are at risk again, but find a way to break the spell in the most recent series.
Game House of Anubis you are heroes, who are showing considerable courage, they fell in another dangerous adventure that can be the last characters in life. Meet them:

  • Dzhoy Merser
  • Key Tee Rash
  • Uillou Dzhenks
  • Payper and Patricia Uilyamson

Opasnye priklyucheniya

House of Anubis games Sometimes children help or hinder the adults, but the main task and responsibility lies with the youth.

  • Mar Dzheffri
  • Mik Kempbel
  • Alfi Lyuis
  • Eddi Miller
  • Ember Millington
  • Nina Martin
  • Fabian Ratter
  • Zherom and Poppy Klark

Opening the game House of Anubis, you will have to go all the way to the end, even if the experience panic.


Jobs are forced to act decisively and deliberately. From the first minutes of the game House of Anubis will solve riddles and puzzles, search for items, collect clues, fight mysterious creatures. Even to get out of your own room, you can only find the key to the door. Somewhere in the agreed place waiting for friends, relying on your support, so take your time to overcome the first line.

Stante one of the characters of the game House of Anubis, and help determine the cause of the fear of Nina to sleep at night. Recently, her dreams became too realistic, and this is partly to blame for sankhara, but it is not the only cause nightmares.

The next task before the children Victor and his assistants have to get the old band. You will be tested in the maze of the old school, which does not avoid a collision with mystical creatures. Complete the game House of Anubis, and become one of the worthy disciples House of Anubis.

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