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Hidden Master Games

Free online games Hidden Master involuntarily forced to freeze in admiration before such beautiful masterpieces of world art. But this is a big blunder, because with every passing minute you lose points that every player so values. After choosing the difficulty, it is necessary to play, collecting in the pictures 125 superfluous elements: hearts, notes, puzzles, numbers, moons, stars. For each group collected as a prize, you get an additional 30 moves, so it would be wiser not to spray on collecting different images, but focus on finding identical ones, gradually removing everything.
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Great creations of the game Hidden Master

Hidden Wizard Games Online An elegant solution was found by the authors of the game Hidden Master, suggesting the familiar process of finding elements in an unusual format. Unlike many gaming products, in which players search for the same items or completely different ones in a single copy, this is not all clear.
There are several groups of objects in front of you, and each one has a certain number of them. The search is also conducted in a specific pattern, and not randomly, which plays a certain role during the Hidden Master game process.

Spasaem masterpieces

For years, the museum collected works of art, creating unique collections of famous masters. Thanks to many years of work in the halls, paintings made in watercolor and oil, belonging to the best artists of all eras, are presented, and this heritage is so valuable that it is impossible to value it with money.
In other halls there is a wonderful and rare collection of sculptures from different times. According to them, we can put together an idea of ​​the appearance of the legendary personalities of philosophers, warriors, kings. And yet there was a group of villains who did not appreciate the historical heritage. They thought it was funny to paint the great works of graffiti:

  • Serde
  • №1
  • Digits
  • Stars
  • Bars
  • Puzzle Games

Hidden Wizard Games Online At first, the museum staff came to shock when they saw such an act of vandalism, but it turned out that unnecessary elements could be removed without harming the masterpieces. A lot of work is needed to eliminate the consequences of barbaric acts, and therefore the best specialists in the field of restoration are invited. Offer your services by opening the Hidden Master games to help the museum regain its former reputation as a collector of the world's best works of art.

Your faithful working tool mouse

Nothing can cope with the work as well as a computer mouse. With its help, you have to do a tremendous job of removing unnecessary elements, but first decide on the level of complexity.

In total, there are 125 parts to be destroyed. The number is distributed among all objects unevenly if the numbers and note marks of 10, then the others have 20, 25 and 30 pieces in the group.

Hidden Wizard Games Online The peculiarity of the gameplay in tactics cannot be removed from the field everything. You need a strategy to not lose the opportunity to make a move. You are allotted only 20 or 30 (depending on a series of toys) moves, which must be distributed reasonably in order to have time to collect at least one group of figures.
Start with the one in the minority, and when you're done with it, get an additional 20 (or 30) moves. Now select the next group of Hidden Master pieces, and collect it to the last object to get a new portion of bonus steps again. It begs natural advice not to make extra clicks in order not to get into a situation when the next move is impossible.

There is time for passage, and it melts if you do not make any movements. It is necessary to click on the item found, and time will be a little more. But what to do if you can not look for the next element, which is necessary for the successful completion of the search?

All versions of the game Hidden Wizard offer a section with tips. It opens when the "GUIDE" button is activated, and in the picture you can see elements circled in red circles. To see where all the numbers, notes, or moons hid, just click the tab that corresponds to the title, and carefully examine the location of the objects. The window opens in a new tab, so do not be afraid to lose the place that you have managed to advance in fun.

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