Sugar Sugar games

Sugar Sugar games

Pretty funny logic online game Sugar Sugar offers an easy way to play for free without a specific plot. There is only one task - to pour sugar into a cup, drawing a leading line of sugar supply to the tank. First, before you one cup, and fill it with 100 grams of sweet sand is not a problem. Next, two cups, and it is also not difficult. But the situation is aggravated, and you are drawing on the multiple lines to the same color cup should be filled with sugar of similar color. To do this, draw a line through the colored ring. But is it so simple?
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It's worth noting that it is impossible to draw a line to erase or rotate. You can paint the whole area guide, but it is necessary to make a mistake once, and draw a line is not there, the whole scheme will no longer work, and have to start the game Sugar sugar level again. The first and last of the very different both in design and complexity.

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