Tak the Great Juju Challenge games

Tak the Great Juju Challenge games

If you want to learn about life in the tribe, it is best to play the game Tak and the Power of Juju, the more that you can do it online for free. So - a teenager from the tribe Pupu Nuno, which brings up a shaman. At the same time he teaches the boy Juju magic, and a young man is something impossible. If you have to battle with the aliens, he calls the forces Juju, and receives certain abilities. With renewed vigor he wins even teeth zombies that have appeared from nowhere. He also had a good chance to win the race and sail across the turbulent river, but the main thing - the hero of the tribe helps keep in touch with the spirit world.
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Veselye games and magic power Zhuzhu

Tak the Great Juju Challenge games replaced Tarzan and Mowgli come new heroes, no less colorful. A teenager named so lost his parents, and destiny will become a pupil of his 177 -year-old uncle Dzhibolboya, which occupies an honorable position of the shaman of the tribe, and practicing magic power Juju.

V old age shaman harder to perform the duties of honor, and he prepares himself in the face of the receiver Taka. From this arise the trouble, and the hero will have to fix them together with your friends, get to know that you will help the game Tak and the Power of Juju. Boy due to the young age like to play with friends, and when possible to avoid duties –. According to the prophecies of the shaman, it is the future leader of the tribe. Cheeky behaves in communication and likes to invent something. He is terribly stubborn and has a lot of talent: singing and playing jazz, can sroit and make sculptures.

  • – The leader of the ring are silly and the ruler of the tribe Pupu Nuno. Playing on a strange instrument, he has a weakness for food and cherishes the dream of fluffy hair.


Priklyucheniya Taka

Tak the Great Juju Challenge games After such a thorough acquaintance with the heroes of history, it's time to open the game Tak and the Power of Juju, to personally take part in adventures with the members of the tribe Pupununu.

Such assignments will

Sredi mission to collect moon rocks, which are needed to trigger the power Juju, and to ensure protection of the tribe. It will manage your car, trying to overtake rivals, while collecting feathers in the way. And once Locke and so agreed to meet on a very steep hill in the land, to work together to defend the enemy tribe.

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