Games measure fluid

Games measure fluid

Free online games Measure liquid can be compared with the problem of communicating vessels, and when you play, you have to show your knowledge to complete tasks on filling tanks with liquid. Levels will quickly become more complicated, and only logic will help you pass them with dignity. Swap objects in places until you find the right combination, and amplifiers, dividers, antimatter bombs and other items will help you achieve the desired result. But first try to build an existing water supply system, the water through which will flow into the tanks.
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Gaming measure fluid: a new forgotten old

Games Measure Fluid Online Surely for young gamers of the game Measure Liquid looks like a fresh idea. The older generation immediately recognizes a logic task with vessels that need to be filled with a certain amount of water. This wonderful puzzle has undergone changes, and is now presented in an updated, completely new form.

The authors had enough creativity to make the game Measure Liquid multi-level. And also release a few sequels. Now everyone can connect to the club for lovers of complex logical problems for free to look for a solution every time.

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Simple graphics just make it easier. From the first minutes it is clear what is required of the player, and it remains only to find the right course of action. At the first levels it will not be difficult, but difficulties will soon appear in all its glory.

10,000 On vessels there are numbers denoting the displacement. In containers, a certain amount of liquid that needs to be poured into empty containers, but with the numbers indicated on them. If there is a two, then it is necessary to place exactly this amount of water in the tank. And how to achieve this, you have to guess.

Games Measure Fluid Online Later in the plot of the game Measure of Fluid, additional elements will appear that are intended for x manipulations. From the parts of the pipes make up the path of movement of water, so that each vessel gets its designated amount. When the difficulty increases, the details of the pipeline will become more, and you will have to break your head how to place them in order to achieve the desired effect.

That's next, the funnier is

The second part of the game The measure of fluid is different in appearance, but the principle is basically the same as the previous one. Again it is necessary to collect the construction of the pipes, substituting for them tanks to fill with water. But there were restrictions on the placement of empty containers. If earlier it was possible to put them in any free space, but now boxes and partitions interfere with this.

The game has become more difficult, so it is better to start with the first series in order to practice and hone the logic. Having gained some experience, it will be easier for you to solve puzzles that more and more resemble the design of a military underwater ship.

Well, now you are ready for feats, and you can go to fulfill your mission. But if you think that after completing the second part, you have become an invincible expert, then look at the plot of the third game Measure of Liquid.

Games Measure Fluid Online This is where you can really become an expert in the manipulation of liquid substances. You find yourself in a secret laboratory, where work is underway to create the most powerful poisonous substances. Half a drop of chemicals stored in these tanks will burn an entire continent if sprayed in the air.
You, as the best spy, are entrusted with a dangerous mission to enter the laboratory, and take a few samples to study the fluid. From equipment you have only empty vessels that can withstand the strongest acid.

  • From the elements of the pipes collect designs
  • Move empty containers until you find the perfect position
  • Fill full amount of liquid from empty tanks into empty ones

Green poisonous substance should not spill past containers, otherwise a catastrophe will occur. Sometimes the path of the fluid is quite intricate, and you have to help it get from the lower to the upper vessel. If you are not lucky enough to complete the level at a time, you will have more attempts until you manage to complete a complex task.
This is a great game with useful content. This is a serious test of logic and the ability to deal with the puzzle yourself for those who are not afraid to accept the challenge.

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