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Players are waiting for the work of a detective named Harry. He is very popular, and he always has a task to perform. Join the hero to play free online games Harry Quantum. He is not afraid of difficult tasks, but likes to work with a partner. As a companion, he invites you if you dare to go through responsible missions to find missing cassettes, evidence of the existence of an underwater monster and the disclosure of other secrets. You will find many interesting quests in the upcoming adventures. Begin the passage, and enjoy the result.
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Games of Harry Quantum: Adventures of a Detective

Harry Quantum games online A wonderful quest in the style of finding objects is a detective series of the game Harry Quantum. Acquainted with the lead hero, you will become his partner, and help unravel the tasks that throw different customers.
The detective with whom to work is called Harry Quantum, and he is one of those who take up any business, no matter how incredible, fantastic or unreal it concerns. Due to his ability to analyze the collected evidence and get the necessary information from witnesses, he will surely find the answer, which is what his clients need.
His fame spread far, and don’t be surprised if aliens ask you to do it, or are asked to prove the existence of monsters. These are the usual tasks for Harry, and he knows how to approach them. You will find an interesting job, which you can only dream of.

Discited detective agency

The fact that the hero managed to make a name for himself and turned the agency into a popular office is a fact. He has a lot of orders, and right now the plot of the game Harry Quantum is spinning around an interesting case.

Harry Quantum games online Several new programs have been prepared for broadcast on one television channel, which should raise the rating to unprecedented heights. Competitors found out about this, and stole a tape with recorded material. The circumstances were such that it was rumored that aliens were sealed at the time of the conspiracy, and this would prove to people that the aliens are among us and are preparing to establish their power. It is on them that suspicion in the theft of gears falls first.
Harry Quantum was asked to find the tapes, and he will have to meet with humanoids to ask them a few questions. Most likely, they have something to tell, and the detective must find out what exactly they know. In the course of the investigation you will:

  • Collect items
  • To equip ready-made parts from parts
  • Search for them
  • To communicate with game characters
  • Solve puzzles

New case another test

U Harry there is no weekend. As soon as he successfully dealt with the mission to search for tapes, a letter came from the famous wrestler Super Burro, in which he told his story and asked for help.

Harry Quantum games online It turned out that someone had dared to substitute the wrestler, dressing like him to rob a city museum. The robbers followed a concrete thing with a powerful Aztec artifact, and the Burro image was used to blacken his name.

Only Harry Quantum can cope with tasks such as finding a museum relic and removing suspicion from a popular wrestler. It's time to get down to business, and the first task will be to get a ticket and go to the museum.

In the next story of the game Harry Quantum, Harry again follows the trail of aliens. This time they are suspected of kidnapping. The reputation of the kidnappers has long been glued to the newcomers, but now this phenomenon has become widespread. It all started from the moment when the fair arrived in the city. There is nothing to do, you will have to arm yourself with a camera and pen again, put on a hat and a raincoat, going to a new pursuit.

The fourth part of the Harry Quantum game is like a fairy tale. Here at every step princes and princesses, dragons and goblins, knights and magicians. But somehow it is unrealistic, and more like a theatrical performance in the castle. Confirms this and the task itself, which instructed Harry to find evidence of the existence of the water monster.
As you can see, Harry will not be left without work, which means that the games of Harry Quantum will provide you with tasks. Adventures follow one after another, and it's time to go to the next mission.

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