Games Atomic Chaos

Games Atomic Chaos

Another interesting game with balls surprise unusual gameplay. By controlling the action at an online game Atomik Kaos, it is necessary to achieve a chain reaction of atoms that float nearby. We offer to play for free in the uncommon toy using tactical skills and logic. Each atom can shoot electrons - smaller particles, and when they hurt the neighboring elements, they too fall. Later appear balls with additional capabilities - scatter in only one direction, to increase the bounce and other demanding new management strategy.
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Rash games Atomic Chaos

Atomic Chaos Games Online Introducing the challenging, but fascinating logic games Atomic chaos. This is a vivid example of a modern approach to the development of thinking. Who said it’s boring to learn, and that you need to be serious and responsible when doing self-development? We agree that you need to be attentive, logical in their actions, but not boring at all.
Opening the Atomic Chaos games, you will see that they resemble a colorful kaleidoscope, sparkling fireworks and a cheerful rainbow. A riot of rich colors reigns in them, and bubbles sparkle like sparkling champagne in all directions. But you have to solve really difficult tasks, splitting atoms.

Games at the atomic level

Atomic Chaos Games Online The story does not have a clear plot, but there are several sketches. A scientist built a laboratory in the desert, and is engaged in secret and dangerous experiments. For 32 experiments, he needs to find the compound of atoms that will lead to the desired reaction. An explosion, arson or radiation leakage can happen at any time, because a scientist works with hazardous reagents. While he could not find the desired component, but he continues to search. With each series of Atomic Chaos games, the professor plunges into work, and we see his schemes becoming more complicated. He boldly goes into dangerous experiments further and further, and your duties as a laboratory assistant are also complicated.

Passing levels, solve the problem of the destruction of atoms. At first, this does not seem difficult, but this will change quickly. You see a few colored atoms flying across the field with arrows inside. The more of these arrows, the more parts come out of the explosion of an atom, and they hit the neighboring elements.

In order for the experiment to be successful, you have to wait until they approach each other and increase the chance of success. Atoms with two crossed arrows give the explosion only four elements, and can hurt a similar number of neighbors, and they will fly in the direction indicated by the arrows. Soon there will also be elements that, in an explosion, will scatter particles around the circumference.

From simple to difficult

Atomic Chaos Games Online You have only a few moves to succeed, so you need to be careful and accurate while working. The scientific world is counting on the success of your research. As you discover new parts of the game Atomic Chaos, you will be faced with additional conditions at work. Atoms that have tremendous power and different capabilities will appear. They are filled with energy, powerful radiation, force field, magnetic property. If some attract neighboring elements, others oppose. There will be such that in the explosion they show only a small pop, and they do not interact with anyone. These are empty shells filled with gas.
Some atoms double their size when they come into contact with others, others even more narrow, and it becomes more difficult to get into them. Some move in a chaotic manner, others have their own clear, unbreakable trajectory. Each level needs its own tactics, which will lead to an amazing result.

  • Learn the properties of each new atom
  • Calculate the progress
  • Remove all atoms from a field using their unique properties

We are waiting for the wonderful world of the game Atomic chaos, which beats the theme of science and elementary particles. Let everything that happens inside the playground is just fantastic, but how beautiful! We are pleased to provide you with a series of amazing fun for free, so that you can enjoy the amazing logical toy, winning level by level. After passing all the series, you can easily cope with any other intellectual game.

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