Mystery Ranch Games

Mystery Ranch Games

Free online games The Mystery of the Ranch is a wonderful sample of farm toys with logical gameplay. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed, deciding to play the plot with the American ranch. The hero remains behind the scenes, but performs a number of tasks to restore the economy after a natural cataclysm that has recently collapsed. Elderly grandmother and grandfather were so upset when they saw the damages that they went to the hospital. While they are improving their health, try to restore the ranch to its well-groomed appearance. Clean the stables, feed the pigs and chickens, and for this, find the necessary equipment.
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Games Mystery Ranch: Passion for the Ranch

Mystery Ranch Games Online Mystery Ranch Games Online Start playing the Mystery Ranch series. These are quests that require logical thinking, because during the passage you have to activate the thinking process.

It will be interesting to make decisions on your own, just like adults, working on a grandmother's farm. It turned out that there was no one else to do work except you, because an old grandmother landed at the hospital when a tornado struck her ranch, killed all the cows, broke the fence and caused other damage.

Older lady could not stand it, and lost consciousness. Her neighbors found her and sent her to the hospital. When she regained consciousness, she could not allow the house and the land to remain unattended, and wrote a letter to her grandson, expressing the hope that he would not refuse to look after her household while she was improving her health. He loves his grandmother so much that he cannot refuse her, and he hurries to come to the ranch so that she can do as much as possible to her return.

First independent steps

Opening the game Mystery Ranch first, you will see that not everything is as disastrous as you imagined. Smerch, of course, has done trouble, but there is nothing irreparable. First you need to get used to it, and make an inventory of the surviving property.

  • Explore the environment
  • Collect items
  • Smaster of the details of new things
  • Apply the equipment obtained in different situations

As the ranch was insured, grandmother received some money for damages, and gave you so that you could manage them in her absence. This small capital is very useful, because there are several important purchases to be done in order to re-hang the sign, repair the fence, restore the gate, load food into the refrigerator. Go to the nearest shops, and then come back and get to work.

You have a to-do list, and as you complete the assignments, check with him to know what else is left undone. When all items are deleted, you can go to rest until the next work day. It is very important not to forget to call your grandmother to report on the work done and to calm the old woman, assuring that everything is going well.

Continuing to manage

Mystery Ranch Games Online Mystery Ranch Games Online After the first independent day while playing The Mystery of the Ranch, the hero begins to feel more confident. Waking up in the morning, he immediately goes to the kitchen to prepare himself a healthy breakfast. He finds a recipe on the fridge and is ready to follow its contents.

After this, we take away the hammer at the door, and determined to act, go out into the yard. You will enjoy a pleasant meeting with the grandfather, who brought you the keys to the tractor. This is a great success, because now you can quickly manage things. Purchase cow food, rakes and boards in the store to build a newly destroyed barn. Refill the tractor, feed the animals, collect spare parts for the tractor and remove stones from the plowed land. Now you can call the granny to tell how well done you are.

Continue to act as actively as you play the games of The Mystery of the Ranch, and your grandmother will be surprised to see how great you are in your absence. Buy seeds and sow a field, get chickens, collect milk from cows and sell it. The better entrepreneur you show yourself, the more you earn by increasing the insurance money paid.

Continue to host, developing the events of the game Mystery Ranch, and soon your ranch can not be found. New buildings will appear, chickens carry eggs, cows supply milk, the tractor is working hard in the field and new shoots have already appeared. Soon you yourself do not want to leave, and you will firmly settle at the ranch.

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