Tittu And Annie games

Tittu And Annie games

If you are not indifferent to all sorts of quests based search, we invite you to play online games Titta and Annie for free. This is an adventure game series, which complicates the life of a white cat to its owner. She is playful, loves to hide, and very curious. Since it is not boring, not usidish in place, because constantly have something to look for, to guess the code and solve puzzles. This is a fun puzzle game in which things are moving from batch to batch, and each throws up new and interesting job. It's time to get acquainted with the characters, and to join their fun to no end.
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Igry Titta and Annie: It is time to play and iskat

Tittu And Annie games We all love pets, but sometimes they are absolutely intolerable, and if problems arise. Games Titta and Annie, is a series of fun-filled, adventure quest, where you will meet with the boy and his cute kitten, who is constantly playing tricks, often pulling the boy.

Ih acquaintance began when Titta came to her grandmother. Runs onto the street, and tired of the games, the boy decided to take a nap. However, Annie – white cat, was on this account their views. She just wanted to play, and she began to jump on Titta, to wake him. Angry at such behavior, the boy drove frolicsome girl in the kitchen niche and locked grate. Now baggage can not stop him, unless you find a way out of the situation.

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Tittu And Annie games Here is a classic example of iskalok, where all the initial history only leads to the base game process, fills it with meaning. Any subject can be a useful and often necessary to locate several identical numbered in order. During the game Titti and Annie to move through the different rooms, profit on the arrows on the screen to indicate the direction: forward or return back.

Playful kitten constantly puts the boy in a difficult situation when he has to find a way out. In the second part of the game Titti and Annie, the hero chases the beast, fell off the table plate, and into the basement. Caught in a confined space, the goal is to find a way out. To do this, all means are suitable. If you adhere to the terms toy, and perform tasks, then you certainly will pass levels with excellent results. To do this you must be very observant, and not to miss in the space of a single detail.

Who knows, the next time will serve as a clue to the next puzzle? The time on the clock, the numbers on a piece of paper, drawing or painting a wall can serve as the mystery code. Drop in all the niches and turn the objects in the room, if they are active. At the bottom of the kettle, for example, numbers can be written. As long as you do not understand what they need, but at some point you will become clear.

Games Titta and Annie help to tune in to a serious work of the thinking process. Here is a great simulator for convolutions, so they will not lose the mobility and elasticity.

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Tittu And Annie games

Ocherednaya part of the game Titti, and Annie, a continuation of the story, which has many useful tasks which are based on the relationship between man and animal.

Titta and Annie continue to live together in the apartment of the boy. The cat quickly made ​​himself at home in the new territory, and seeks nooks to hide from the boys. It seems like Titta play hide and seek with Annie, he comes up with the excitement of new ways to catch the furry shalunishki.

Pomogite boy to get a pet, which locked the grate, hid behind the refrigerator, in the bedside table, and other places where cats usually strictly prohibited.

Once Titti went on a tropical island. He thought a little rest from their pet games, but much mistaken. Somehow Annie also got on the plane, and then with the luggage at the resort, along with a boy, and now in the new location next inventing pranks. You will again have to study the territory, search objects, comparing them to the utility and solving puzzles of varying difficulty.

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