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Funny, funny, funny, and most importantly - free online Piggy Wiggy Games offers gamers to play logic games. The puzzles are built in so that you are interested in finding a solution. The main characters are fat and funny piglets that can not live without tasty acorns. Here they hunt for them, using an unusual way of moving - different mechanisms, ropes and elevators. There were some obstacles, and if some simply cause inconvenience, one can perish from a collision with others. But do not be afraid, because it is possible to replay any level many times.
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Piggy Wiggy Games: Time to eat

Piggy Wiggy Games Online Familiar management in solving logical problems, but the Piggy Wiggy games offer a completely new story. Get acquainted with the company of well-fed, voracious piglets, who only do what they eat on mature acorns. To get to them, you need to think of a way to move, because it so happened that these pigs are so lazy that they do not even move for the sake of their favorite food.

  • Examine the site for the presence of various devices.
  • Start elevators for ascent or descent.
  • Use ropes to fly at different distances.
  • Cut the ropes when you need it.
  • Interact with different objects

Although the principle of control, which is carried out with one mouse, is understandable, it is necessary to think carefully before making each step. Wrong movement or untimely cut rope can put yourself in a dead end when it is impossible to perform a single action. To do this, there is the R button, which will help to reload the level, or you can use the round arrow at the bottom of the screen for the same purpose.

A hunt for acorns!

Piggy Wiggy Games Online It's time to eat, which means it's time to start playing the Piggy Wiggy Games. It's nice to know that after passing the first part of the toy, the adventures will not end there, because ahead of the continuation, in which the pigs continue to fill the acorns behind both cheeks, as soon as they have the opportunity to reach them.
For the meeting of pigs and their yummy to take place, it is necessary to show the ability to think logically, to solve puzzles. Since the characters are limited in their movements, they need help, and this can be done in different ways. Almost always there is an elevator on the level, on which it is easy to go up to the treat, stuck at the top, or go down for the same purpose. But besides this magical mechanism there are others.

Another most common way to move on a rope. Each pig has a special ring, with which it clings to the hook at the end of the rope. The rope itself is attached to the daisies, and if you click on it, and then on the pig, you make a connection. On the rope, the hero will fly a certain distance to the desired acorn, and in order not to miss, at the right moment you have to cut it, and then the pig will fall just in the right place.

Piggy Wiggy Games Online Periodically, additional opportunities appear, and Wiggy will fly up to the yummy when a balloon explodes beneath it, throwing it up. If there are several characters on the field, they can be pushed together, and after such a contact, they will fly apart in different directions, so that everyone gets their acorn.

Difficulties and obstacles

As with all similar toys, Piggy Wiggy games also contain certain obstacles so that you have to break your head over the next move, trying to overcome various obstacles. For example, the heroes may die, falling on sharp thorns. Think in which direction it is better to move, and what to do to avoid this tragedy. In a deep pond, mumps will not drown, but can not swim. If you do not give it acceleration, it will just freeze in place, like a buoy, and you have to replay to find another way to complete the level.

Sometimes a particularly well-fed hero is not lucky and he gets trapped, stuck between boulders Only friends can help him out, and now they are already suspended on the ropes, trying to throw the cable to a friend in order to pull him out and then eat deserved treats together. Playing games piggy Wiggy, you will encounter various difficulties, but from any unusual situation you can find a way out, if you think carefully.

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