Dumb Ways to Die games

Dumb Ways to Die games

It's time to play, and we offer Dumb Ways to Die games for free. Meet the resilient creatures that in all situations keep a smile all over your face. It seems that they are not afraid of the prospect of dying, although danger lurks at every step. Whether it is a kitchen, a green glade, a city street or another area, trouble comes unexpectedly. By clicking the mouse, help in time to avoid the danger, so that none of the handsome heroes will die. If the whole trio dies, the game will end, and the levels will have to be redone. Help geeks to survive by solving fun puzzles.
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Dumb Ways to Die games: fun and not at all scared

Dumb Ways to Die games online Although the name of the proposed online toy sounds scary somehow, in fact it is a series of very perky adventures. Running Dumb Ways to Die games, you immediately want to smile, seeing cute creatures with a silly smile. Who are these creatures, history is silent, leaving the intrigue. But for the gameplay, this information is unimportant, since it is necessary to focus on how to save the lives of geeks.

Whatever events did not develop on the screen, they occur under a pleasant melody. But if it interferes with you or your environment, you can turn it off by clicking on the icon that represents the sound. In addition, there are other simple controls:

  • Turn off / off music
  • Increase / decrease game screen
  • Pause

What is required from you

Playing Dumb Ways to Die games, you turn into a babysitter for unusual characters. They behave fearlessly, and, like children, do not understand the danger they face. At any moment they may die, and there are many ways to do it. You also need to ensure that this does not happen. And you should act very quickly, making manipulations with the mouse, clicking on objects.

Fatal games of small creatures

Dumb Ways to Die games onlineLeaving one on one with the little men, carefully watch what is happening around. Even the most innocuous games, Dumb Ways to Die games playing online, have a serious danger to life. In different parts you will:

  • See for differences on time
  • Drush from predators
  • Solving puzzles
  • Jump over the barriers
  • Following holidays
  • Meet with opponents

To cope with any task, act quickly. A couple of minutes are given for reflection, during which it is necessary to assess the situation and make the right decision. Even in the case when it is only necessary to find small differences in two pictures, it is worth losing the round, and one of the heroes will die. If there is not one left, the game will be lost, and you will have to start going through all the tasks from the very beginning.

Dumb Ways to Die games online Every episode, this is another adventure. Get ready to help creatures jump over acidic pools and open manholes. A fierce bear will chase you. Try not to burn in the fire, cut down a tree, do not let one of your friends drown, blow up on a mine and not disappear from scorpion bites. Even small white mice that need to be driven off scare kids. There will also be a fight with chicken, and if you win, it will turn into a delicious carcass. Extreme situations happen at every turn. Even on New Year's holidays, do not avoid death if you do not help. Some kind of gremlin decided to spoil the holiday, and arranges trials. You are hanging garlands or trying to set up a decoration on the top of a coniferous beauty, this may be the last action, if you do not prevent trouble.

Big lovers of experimenting, the little ones invariably suffer, and the hope is only in your help. Make sure that they are not crushed by a roller, and kitchen utensils do not become deadly weapons. It is necessary to linger, and you can freeze to death in the freezer or even choke in a barrel filled with paint.
You will always be in control of the situation, helping geeks jump higher, run faster, think better. Events evolve rapidly, and this is a good school to practice their own rapid response skills. In addition, it is just a fun toy with mischievous characters, with whom it is pleasant to spend leisure time. The plot quickly delays, causing the desire to pass more levels.

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