Elite unit games

Elite unit games

Free Elite unit games will make from each guy and girl a well-trained fighter of a special mission squad. Such a soldier alone will be able to destroy entire groups of terrorists, insurgents and bandits, armed to the teeth. Receiving order after order in four parts of the game, the agent will visit all the hot spots of the globe where professional intervention is required. You can play, done free of charge online, but to win you will need excellent concentration of attention, quick reaction and accuracy. Mistakes are unforgivable, the enemy deals a fatal blow.
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Elite unit games online There are quite a few kinds of troops; mankind constantly invents a new deadly weapon for the destruction of its own kind. So people are arranged, they constantly need what others have, and where it is easier to try to take away than earn. One must be armed for aggression, and the other for defense. Thus, a strong army is simply necessary at all times. Games Elite unit will take users to the hottest points of military conflicts. Elite unit games online

Not always there is a need for the use of artillery or aircraft. If the enemies are dispersed in residential or industrial areas, then a massive blow will cause great damage, it is simply inappropriate. In such situations, real professionals, soldiers with all the necessary skills to eliminate enemies, take on the job. A series of four parts of the game Elite Division, tells about the missions of such fighters. They are armed only with an assault rifle, their goal is to clear the territories from terrorists, not to let a single enemy through and to stay alive.

The four parts of the game will allow fans to shoot for a sufficient amount of time, having fun and training reaction speed, attentiveness and accuracy. Players will have to work hard to stay alive. Lingering only for a split second, a fighter can get a fatal wound, and the mission will end in failure.

All parts of the game The elite unit does not need to be installed on the computer, they run on the site within a couple of seconds. By selecting the appropriate version, players can take a break from worries, destroying virtual enemies for any amount of time. There are no paid or private functions in any part of the game, passing a mission depends solely on the player’s skills.

Features of the Elite unit games

By making the decision to feel like a well-trained fighter himself, that not to eat an elite unit players can start with the first part of the game. From the first steps, the developers propose to determine the mission, there are three of them:

  • Sends on a top-secret mission to an unknown city. He is terrorized by a gang of well-armed fighters. They are well trained.
  • Receive an order to destroy the enemy dispersed in the suburbs. Because of the foliage in the trees, the enemy is well disguised;
  • Clear industrial territory, the enemy seized the plant. Elite unit games online

The main goal of all variants of the game The elite unit closely monitor the appearance of the enemy and shoot ahead of the curve. The enemy is accurate, clever and cunning, the terrorists appear from the most unexpected places and immediately open fire.

In the second part of the experienced soldier waiting for new tasks, he will visit all corners of the globe, fighting with armed bandits. The order to liberate the port from the invaders, to visit a distant African country and overcome the rebellion of the rebels trying to overthrow the government, and immediately after going to the north, where the conspirators could get heavy artillery and tanks, world order was under threat.

The third part of the game The elite unit will send players to Latin America, they need to deal with the drug cartel, who has spread his tentacles throughout the country. It is not enough to eliminate only the baron, not a single member of the gang must survive. After the successful completion of the task, the special forces soldier will go to the captured city, it was almost destroyed by enemy troops. At the end of his career, a fighter needs to destroy an improvised laboratory in a desert area.

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