Contra game. Play Contra online

Contra game. Play Contra online

compared to the popularity of the game Contra can not all toys. We give you the chance to feel like a sniper cool military and when you play online for free in the products that are available on our portal. The area, where the fighting events pretty wild: buildings destroyed, the car exploded, empty barrels holed gunfire. As a confirmation, the wind sweeps periodically tumbleweed, sniper shots and only enliven the landscape. Moving into the maze of ruins, collect kits and cartridges, is the most valuable thing that is useful to the soldier in the war.

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again will play in the game Contra

Games Contra Since the release, Counter-Strike has become a cult game with an original approach to action. First Person Shooter Mini spawned many versions, and now you can play Contra online, which often retained a recognizable location:

  • The ruins of buildings
  • sand pits;
  • Barrels;
  • The skeletons of cars;
  • Labyrinths.

The familiar features of the genre

The principle of a lonely hand chip is many amusements, where the player sees everything through the eyes of the character. At the same time the viewing angle is limited and you can not change the firing point. Leading fire single shots or a series, it is necessary to not run into a sniper's bullet, which has long had you spotted and zero in. It's a game of cat and mouse where wins mark.

Games Contra However, variants and provided with the movement in space. This can be a maze of corridors of an abandoned and dilapidated buildings, a basement or a company of the subjects in the open country:

  • of the unit
  • Brevin;
  • Technology
  • The remains of the walls.

You will not get lost, moving between them, as a modest-sized playground. But now you have the opportunity to study objects that may be concealed for useful stuff, and they themselves are sometimes usable. For example, you can find a first aid kit, which will replenish the life force after injury. Features that you do not kill the first shot, and allowed to suffer from the wounds. While the scale or the screen does not become completely red, you are capable and can shoot. But if you continue to recklessly run up to the bullets, one of them would be fatal and lead to the death of a soldier, and it is a failure of the mission and will have to replay the level. But if we can find a bag with a red cross, the situation can be corrected.

All the strength in weapons

provided for and the choice of weapons. First, though, will have to fight with one gun, but the success of the operation will bring goggles and new opportunities, and you can still find caches of ammunition or pick them up near the slain enemies. Now, going to a new job, open shop and explore the proposed unit:

  • Rifles;
  • Machines
  • Bazooka;
  • machine guns;
  • Grenades.

Games Contra One of the bullets poured rain, without giving the enemy to raise his head, but the ammo runs out quickly. Other effective in bad weather, others beaten over a long distance. There is universal models, which has a mode switch from single shots in a series of 3-5 bullets or automatic mode when they are produced in a single stream. Of course, this toy is crazy money, and buy it can only be successfully managed with multiple tasks.

Play dissent as exciting as the original version, because there's a lot of new things that have come up with the authors themselves. Sometimes they feel the army humor, parody of the famous Counter-Strike, and you need to collect a record number of points. But what would have been another fun, it's always training in shooting, where survival of the most sharp-eyed.

People in uniform or masked mercenaries storm the perimeter, taking positions, seek out a potential enemy in sight and shoot it, clearing the way for a new job. But perhaps, the opponent will be quicker and smarter, and then he will win this fight. Your forces are – as envisaged by the program of games, that there was no advantage to one side. You can only hope their skills and experience acquired previously.

Play counter like young soldiers who only hone their skills in preparation to go to complex multi-user version. Each level is designed for the passage of a few minutes, and you can replay as many times again.

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