Rail Of Death games

Rail Of Death games

Free Rail Of Death games will appeal to everyone who loves the most dangerous adventures. The players, together with the hero, for a time will become brave gold miners, going down deep into the earth in search of untold wealth. As far as earning the strongest currency, gold bars, the miner needs to improve his cart, otherwise it will not go any further, where there is much more treasure. In all parts of the game you can play for free from any computer, anytime. The game is considered to be passed if the user could hold out in the mines for all the time allocated for the timer without dying.
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Rail Of Death games for the fearless

Rail Of Death games online Miners are harsh people, they descend deep into the earth every working day and extract various minerals from their deposits. This profession is difficult and dangerous, people often risk their lives. Rail Of Death games will tell about one man, all the adventures with him, occur exactly under the ground.

Hero, not a timid one. He descends into the ground, climbs into a cart that drives along pre-laid rails, and sets off to search for innumerable treasures. His path is difficult and dangerous, death lurks at every meter, the breed collapses, the careless colleague will forget the spade. But if you cope with all the trials, then the reward is worth it. Rail Of Death games online

Rail Of Death games is fun entertainment for lovers of quality arcades. The first issue received the best reviews, the authors did not stop at the development of one version, and four more parts saw the light. Now, the players have something to occupy themselves for quite a long time, going down to the gold-bearing mines and trying to survive, reaching the finish.

All five parts of the game Death trolley online, they do not need to be installed to find out how interesting underground travels await the hero. There are no in-app purchases, for all the improvements and bonuses there is a payment in-game currency, which is earned during the passage.

Overview of the parts of the Rail Of Death games

The game process in the first part is quite simple, even children can handle it. Terrible miner rushing at speeds on underground roads, and pressing the up arrow causes him to jump. Despite the seeming simplicity to get far without training and improving transport will not work, there are constantly obstacles and breaks in the way, which is probably why the name of the game is Death Gun. Starting the game over and over again, the players pump over the hero and his cart.

In games, several criteria:

  • Number of gold;
  • Trolley movement speed;
  • Endurance of the cart;

Rail Of Death games online Driving through the mine, players must try to collect all the gold and diamonds. For earned ingots, they can improve speed performance; the faster the trolley rushes, the more distance it can fly through the cliffs. The endurance of the cart is also improved by paying bars. How many diamonds a cart has, so many times per game, it can break an obstacle if a player makes a mistake. Win in the game work out after all the allotted time. At the top of the screen you can see how much gold the player has, the number of lives of the trolley and the countdown timer.

In the second part, the authors added a pistol to the harsh miner, and increased the number of parameters to improve, now for the collected gold you can not only increase the speed and life of the cart, but also make it jump higher. The number of rounds at the beginning of the game is five, but they are purchased.

The third part is even more advanced, it consists of three levels. In this version there are a lot more products in the store, there is a choice of trolleys and spare parts for them. For example, in a cart you can install a steam engine and improve brakes.

The last, fifth part of the game Mortal Trolley deserves the highest praise. In it, the authors took into account all the wishes of the players and made it almost perfect. In this version, the control has changed, now the players themselves, pressing the arrow or the D key, are moving forward, respectively, the left arrow or the A button, brakes the trailer. The game has new traps, now the hero can gobble up a mud monster. The dungeon becomes more dangerous, but for players who were able to survive and win in the first parts, going through all four levels of this part will not be a problem.

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